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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 7

Parents in Chicago, Green Akers' marital status, and more in this week's WWBWWBD!

OTE writers will be scattered out this Saturday like hash browns at Waffle House. Let us know what you're doing if you wish in the comments.

Mike Jones
I'll be home in Des Moines taking in my fill of Big Ten action along with the Red River Shootout. Instead of drinking some snobby beer I think I will class up the joint and drink some PBR or Busch Light. Is there any NASCAR on? Yeah I'll be watching that too. YEEEEEEEHAWWWWW.

Brian Gillis
I'll be in the Bay Area, hoping that by the time Saturday rolls around there will be no more baseball in Northern California. Not that I have anything against the A's, but I'll be at the Coliseum Thursday night for game five, hoping to see Justin Verlander carry the Tigers into the ALCS. I'll be back in San Francisco Saturday, and plan to watch the Michigan/Penn State game at either the Blarney Stone or the Brickyard - a couple of Michigan-friendly bars in the city.

Bye week. Which means...well, I don't know yet. Watching college football somewhere, either in a tailgate lot on the UW campus or at home on my couch. Bourbon will definitely be a part of the weekend. If I'm in the lot, that means 4 Roses Single Barrel. If I'm at home it probably means the new Parkers Heritage Collection needs to get opened up.

I'll be at a cabin in Brown County with a bunch of old friends for a annual gathering. I probably won't watch the Purdue game unless the score isn't a blowout in the second half. I'll DVR it, though to see how the freshman QB does in his first start. I'll be enjoying some beer, mostly Banquet Beer, AKA Coors Original, AKA scab beer.

Candystripes for Breakfast
Another noon kickoff means another "Breakfast with the Hoosiers" for me. And yes, that means milk again. However, as I actually have somewhere to be this weekend (I'm doing backstage work for a local theater production), I'll be missing some of the late games. Drink preference after the play depends entirely on where we go to eat after, so there is a chance (a small chance, mind you) that I will actually have a proper alcoholic drink in my hand then.

Aaron Yorke
I'll be somewhere in New Jersey when the games start, and in New York City when they end. That probably means I miss a chunk of NU vs. UW in transit, which is a shame, because that should be a doozy. I'm very intrigued by IU vs. MSU, but all this travelling means very little beer. I do plan on having a lot of coffee, though.

Jesse Collins
I have no plans right now for Saturday, which probably means I wake up late, eat a really greasy breakfast with my wife somewhere that has biscuits and gravy, and then catch the Nebraska-Purdue (VICTORY WILL FINALLY BE OURS) with my dad. I'm thinking this weekend might be a really good soup weekend, so that might be a thing on Saturday as well. Drinks? Who knows... I've been really excited about Virgil's Root Beer as of late, so maybe that?

C.E. Bell
Now that my house is free from pesty guests (just kidding - LOVE YOU MOM!), this weekend is going to be dedicated to relaxing, watching movies, catching up on the DVR, finishing up some minor household projects, and getting to the gym. For Saturday, that's going to mean a trip to the dry cleaners and the gym in the morning, cleaning out my closet while watching the 11 am games, and then settling in to my recliner at 2:30 to watch Northwestern and Wisconsin in the battle for the second-best team in the conference. As for drinks, I'll probably open a Cabernet since my wife will be joining me in afternoon drinking, or else I might purchase a six-pack of something dark since it's fall (any suggestions?). And if things go horribly, there is a decanter full of Maker's Mark so that I can drink to forget.

Hilary Lee
My dad is coming into Chicago to meet up with me and watch the Wisconsin-Northwestern game. That's my plan for most of the day. I think I'll probably try to get some work done during the 11am games, and then head out to the bar to watch my two favorite teams take each other on. Beer will be whatever is on tap and sounds good.

Green Akers
In East Lansing, skipping the homecoming parade on Friday because I have no spouse or children to domesticate me just yet, tailgating at Shaw and Red Cedar (across the street from Spartan Stadium) in the early morn' with a batch of my trusty apple pie to warm me up in every sense of the term, then into the game with my good friend Colin (and his awesome seats about 20 rows up on the 40) to watch MSU put the screws to IU, at which point maybe people will quit doubting this defense with the 'well, who have they reeeeally played' line. Should probably rake leaves when I get home, but I'm pretty sure I'll step onto the porch, glance up and see how many leaves are still on the trees, and defer until they're all down.

As of last night (thaaaank you, drunk StubHub cruising for an $80, lower-deck, non-student ticket) I will be in Madison, tailgating with some NUMBAlums in Lot 27! Drink of choice will likely be some cheap beer, mimosas, and a nice bottle of Serendipity (MNW note: seriously guys look at this wallrock just recommended it in the commentsLakefront Imperial Pumpkin Lager for breakfast. I haven't been to Madison since the Gopher-Badger Safetygate of 2008, so I'm hoping for a slightly more redeeming ending. Go 'Cats, beat the Badgers!