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Across The Empire: Early Games Open Thread

Only four games in the Empire today, but all four of them have interesting sub plots. Except the Purdue game, unless you consider 'how bad Purdue will get beat by' a sub plot.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Some very intriguing games in the B1G today, to include what amounts to what I think is a division title elimination game for two teams, an irresistible force against an immovable object, a Broncos vs. Jaguars kind of mismatch, and two traditional powers facing off with uncertainty in the air. Your grid (all kickoff times are CST):

Time Visitor Home TV Network
11:00 Indiana Michigan State ESPN 2
11:00 Nebraska Purdue BTN
2:30 Northwestern Wisconsin ABC
4:00 Michigan Penn State ESPN

Indiana and Michigan State will be a really good game, and I wonder if either the Indiana offense or the Michigan State defense will get exposed. And does anyone think Purdue will beat Nebraska? Anyone?

Northwestern at Wisconsin amounts to what is essentially a division title elimination game for the loser. I don't see the Legends Division winner having two least I don't think so...and with Wisconsin already in the loss column, and with that loss to OSU, they're essentially two games back when you factor in the tiebreaker.

Finally, our late afternoon/nightcap game is Michigan visiting Happy Valley. This is about as big a game as it gets for Penn State with the bowl restriction, but I don't think even a famed 'White Out' will give Penn State enough to beat Michigan. It should be a good game, but I like the Wolverines to win this one.

Feel free to talk about these games, or any other ones you might find interesting. If you're a baseball fan, both the American and National League Championship Series begin mid-afternoon and continue all the way throug primetime. Go Cardinals WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Open thread rules remain the same as always: no links or mentions of Internet sites that provide illegal video straming to games, no links to porn or NSFW pics, and let's play nice.

Enjoy the greatness that is October sports in America, kids!