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Across The Empire: Evening/Night Games Open Thread

No Big Ten night games but Michigan v. PSU is still going and Johnny Football is on later!

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State v. Michigan is currently on ESPN and is the final Big Ten game of the day. The slate for tonight isn't really blowing anyone's skirt up but here's a few of the games (in central time):

Alabama at Kentucky, 6PM on ESPN2.

GTech v. BYU, 6PM on ESPNU.

Boise State at Utah State, 7PM, CBSSN

Texas A&M at Ole Miss, 7:30PM, ESPN

Oregon State at Washington State, 9:30PM, ESPNU.

You know the rules: no links or mentions of Internet sites that provide illegal video straming to games, no links to porn or NSFW pics, and let's play nice.