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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 8

Cigars, football, and giant inflatable colons, oh my!

This one's long, so let's get to it.

I'll be on my couch. I haven't made my beer run yet, but I've decided to break into some of the extra good bourbon that I purchased last week. I figure a BTAC or Four Roses 125LE should put me in a good place regardless of what the Gophers do.

Location: Home. Drink: My own tears.

Graham Filler
The OTE den of writers offers so many good football watching submissions. Example of Chad/Jon:

"As you know, my fourth cousin is the head of Hewlett Packard's Event's wing. She just happens to be (insert name of B1G school) alum. So we're stopping by her tailgate where we will be having Bloody Mary's, Mimosa's, bacon marinated in Fat Tire, foi gras breakfast burritos and Eggs Benedict Arnold. After that we'll be scalping tickets (you remember the last time we scalped tickets we ended up with sideline passes, talking about the power of audibling with Archie Manning). Go (insert name of school's mascot)!"

Or there's Ted/Mike:

"Shots. Meat. Football."

So you know what, I've got a submission for you guys.

It's my buddy's bachelor party and 10 of us are going to Milwaukee. We're renting a house for the weekend. Saturday we'll be golfing early, sitting down for some football at one of Milwaukee's numerous corner dive bars, and then touring a couple breweries. Also I just bought a humidor, a little guy, and I've got four cigars sitting there being prepped for the weekend. The monster of the bunch is the Romeo and Julieta HAVOC Fat Churchill, which I won in a Fantasy Football bet. It's a sized 7.0x58'', making it the Ndamukong Suh of cigars, without the kick because it's a medium shade. Go Spartans, Go Wolverines.


Ed. note: Graham should have included his name in the first example he gave, since a) he is a lawyer and b) has a humidor.

It's MEA Break in Minnesota, and that means Father of MNW (a teacher) and Little Brother of MNW are coming down to Milwaukee to trek down to Evanston for the game this Saturday. I'll be resplendent in my normal purple, they in their maroon and gold. Dad's tailgate plans usually consist of "Let's buy a case of Mich Golden Light and walk around and get drunk," so that's likely what I'll be pressed into doing. I'll suffer nobly. We'll eventually join up with the NUMBAlums tailgate once I've given LBoMNW the tour of campus and told him to look beyond Minnesota for college...there's talk that Wildcat Spritzer could make its triumphant return to the tailgate. That's our band/fraternity purple drank of choice (hint: there's Everclear). It will be wonderful.

Jesse Collins
Nebraska has BYE on tap this weekend, which means I'll be getting any and all errands done that could have/should have been done by now. However, the reality is that I'll wake up late, start making a stew (because really, it's stew season), watch every game I can, and then eat said stew. I'm thinking I'll end up even drinking a beer or two this weekend even. Probably something from Empyeran. I'm thinking the Third Stone Brown.

Hilary Lee
This weekend I will be.... well I'm not sure. There are games I want to watch and beer I want to drink and all that remains to be figured out is where in Chicago I will be doing those things.

Ted Glover
There are three things in life I don't do:

I don't do shots.
I don't dance.
I don't karaoke.


Those are Ted's Non-Negotiable And Inviolate Rules For Great Living.

[Ed. note: Since Ted didn't say, let's just assume that he will be at his house drinking beer and watching football games.]

Green Akers
In East Lansing, tailgating with the The Only Colors bros at Adams Field, then watching what should be an American History X level-curb stomping of Purdue. Bringing moar of my grain alcohol apple pie because I can't help but notice it makes me a lot of friends.

Candystripes for Breakfast
For much of the game, I should be on my couch, chatting it up with the OTE regulars in the game threads. However, right about the time I expect the game to be hitting mid-3rd quarter, I have to go help with the same play I was helping with last week, so I won't know how the game ends until about 10:30, which sucks. As usual, my drinks will be non-alcoholic, and probably will include A&W Root Beer.

MNW: What's the "What CfB Isn't Drinking This Week" feature alcohol, Graham?

Graham: And it's what you've all been waiting for...

This week, C4B isn't imbibing...


He's not drinking it straight, neat. He's not celebrating the fact that MM kept their AC high thanks to popular demand (45 v 42). He doesn't appreciate that extra kick. And he's not having 4-5 of these delicious little neat concoctions.

C4B: All of that is very true....because I prefer Jack Daniels' Honey. Though I've heard good things about Makers Mark. Strangely enough, from a guy named Mark.

Ed. note: I think it might be against his religion to drink alcohol from Kentucky.

Brian Gillis
I'll be in San Francisco again this weekend, where Saturday morning I'll be reacquainting myself w/ BTN2Go to find out how many times poor Fitzgerald Toussaint gets hit behind the line of scrimmage when the Wolverines host the Hoosiers (I believe Vegas has the over/under set at 8.5), while keeping an eye on game six of the ALCS. I'm also looking forward to the Florida/Mizzou & FSU/Clemson games. Before that, however, I'll be visiting America's first craft brewery - the Anchor Brewing Company, for a taste of some of their special brews and seasonal favorites. If only their tasting room was open weekends and had a television or two.

C.E. Bell
At about 5:30 am on Saturday, I'll be setting up a 40 foot inflatable colon at Montrose Harbor, as part of the Scope It Out 5K Run/Walk for Colon Cancer Awareness, benefiting the Chris 4 Life Colon Cancer Foundation ( I encourage anyone in Chicagoland to come on out and support a really great organization, or just go to the website and make a donation. After setting up a giant colon, I'll be booking it up to Evanston, hopefully in time to have a few beers (I'm thinking 3 Floyds Alpha King) before heading in to Ryan Field to watch the Wildcats hopefully bounce back to their winning ways against the infernal Rodents. Since it's an early game, we're doing our main tailgating after the game, and this week's theme is Scandinavian food. Any good Scandinavian beers/liquors we could/should try?