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Where We Be, What We Be Doing: Week 9

In which Ted chooses his own adventure

Please let us know where you will be on gameday and what excellent beverages you will imbibe. We promise we won't hunt you down and ask you for money. Although if you want, you could send us money. Then we wouldn't even have to hunt you down and ask for money (not that we would). Our paypal for donations is

Graham Filler
At work in the morning...and then rolling into Oades for Michigan's OWN JawJacker.

Finally, watching football instead of traveling!

TGIBW! Thank God it's Bye Week! I'll probably drink water and watch some B1G games and parts of the Ball State-Akron game until it gets out of hand.

C.E. Bell
Breakfast tailgate at my buddy's apartment, and watching the Northwestern game on TV, probably with some bourbon (my friend has a bottle of Larceny his sister brought up from Kentucky that we may open up). After the inevitable disappointment, I will be doing married guy stuff, like hanging a picture, cleaning out closets, walking the dog, and looking at real estate. I will, however, hopefully get to grill up some lamb chops for Saturday dinner....

Helloooooo, Iowa City! I'll be arriving late on Friday night, then rising bright and early to head to the lots around (yes, we know it's historic, stop saying it every other damn sentence) Kinnick Stadium. Drinks will be cheap beer, an Irish red ale that I'm bottling today, and possibly a bottle of Serendipity or a nice pumpkin ale (more ideas gladly accepted). After the game, I'll be drowning my sorrows somewhere in IC with a bunch of a friend's med school friends. Tell my family I love them.

Green Akers
In the morning and afternoon, loafing at my home in Lansing, deriding ESPN's chosen narrative of the week, probably how Mizzou is TEH GRATIST and their dominance of their division means the SEC is SO MUCH DEEP U GAIZ, not a hollow conference with 1 great team, another pretty good one, and a heap of rubbish beneath them wherein any mediocre team is capable of beating any other on any given week GOOD GRIEF THE SEC IS THE B1G BUT WITH RESPECT.

Aaaaanyway. I expect I'll down the Bell's Porter I picked up last night, get deeply invested in a noon game I otherwise wouldn't care about, and become so upset about perceived slights from officiating/commentating/commercials that I'll indignantly abandon watching football in favor of finally raking my leaves until the MSU kickoff. Or, more likely, I'll fall asleep in my chair and wake up having missed half the MSU game. Either way, I'll shove off for a Halloween party in Ann Arbor sometime around 6, catch the tail end of the MSU game on the radio.

Up to Minneapolis so we can be in the tailgate lot when it's barely light out. Finnegans Irish Ale is for sure on the menu and we'll see what else gets added based on what the deals are at Dinkytown Liquors on Friday night. Simple tailgate of tubular meat products and the normal assorted sides. Probably no bourbon, but I'm considering flasking it for this game based on temperature.

Candystripes for Breakfast
For Indiana's second bye week (I really don't like our chances against BYE this time), I shall be at home for most of the day, watching whatever football I can find, up until I have to go help out with the same play I've been working with for the last two weeks, but it's the last week, so that excuse for not watching the late games goes away this time. I'll be drinking something, but I'm still undecided between water, milk, and the usual Vanilla Coke that I tend to favor when it's in the house.

C.E.: I think C4B will NOT be drinking a White Russian this week, even though it's delicious and the Dude's favorite beverage, man.

Mike Jones
I'll be home in Des Moines watching the game with my bros. I had to sell my tickets to the Northwestern game because my pseudo-wife had to work (DAMN YOU WELLS FARGO). I'll probably be drinking Jack and have the Windex and meth on standby in case things go sideways.

Jesse Collins
I will be on my couch, super pumped for ANOTHER 11:00 AM START BECAUSE NOTHING SAYS AWESOME LIKE 11:00 AM STARTS WHEN YOU'VE BARELY HAD TIME TO HAVE BREAKFAST AND... Sorry, I'm not excited about 11:00 AM starts. Anyhow, I'll be hanging out with my dad rooting on what will maybe T.Mart's return. Or, you know, at least hopefully watch Abdullah get a billion yards and make the rest of my day super chill. For beverages? It's morning and I'll probably just be waking up. Most likely I'll be drinking coffee still.

Ted Glover
Meat. Beer. Football. Baseball. I've got three courses of action for this weekend, and none of them are bad.

I might stay home, grill out and have a couple people over and watch the Series and the OSU game from the comfort of my home.

I'm also kicking around going to a local watering hole around the corner from my house with a couple of buddies on Saturday night that has 50 beers (and Strongbow Cider) on tap. That way, I can watch both games simultaneously, and I can get on the Expressway to Drunkenstuporville if both games go South early. Or I can get in the right lane to Nicebuzzland and enjoy a nice sports watching night. Did I mention this place has an outdoor Jenga game made of sections of 2X4's AND IT IS GLORIOUSLY FUN? DID I MENTION THAT???

BUT THERE IS A THIRD OPTION AND IT IS MOST ENTICING...I can head downtown and find a crowded Cardinals bar near Busch Stadium (there's a great Irish pub a few blocks from the stadium) and whoop and holler every pitch of the series and blow off the OSU game, because I'm thinking OSU is going to pull away from Penn State in the second half. As to the piece I owe LGHL Sunday morning regarding the Penn State game, I can make up an excuse about my dog eating my computer and not being able to get it done to LGHL Fearless Leader Luke Zim--what's that? Luke Zimmerman's also the main college football editor for SB Nation, and is probably reading this?


Well sense trying to BS this anymore--GOING DOWNTOWN LUKE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! (I'll DVR the game and get the LGHL piece done, though).

The moral of the story, kids, is that no matter what path I take in this weekend's Choose Your Own Adventure, sports and booze figure prominently.