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NW's Upset Bid, MSU-Iowa StruggleFest Headline OTE's Week 6 B1G Predictions

OTE's Week 6 B1G Predictions

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Well, OTE made some predictions on this weekend's games. There were 11 votes cast by the OTE staff. The number in parentheses is the number of people who voted for that specific team. I added OTE's comments below. Leave your predictions in the comment section.


OTE Predicts: Penn State (7) beats Indiana (4)

(MNWildcat) Zach Zwinak runs for three scores. Indiana unveils the new "State White Flag" helmet on defense, in which they just surrender 80 yards of the field in exchange for no injuries. Hoosier offense does Hoosier offense things. Nittany Lions, 38-31.

(Jesse) Indiana is giving up more PPG than Nebraska on defense. That's a problem.

(Mike Jones) When Indiana plays a team with a pulse, they lose. PSU not only has a pulse but they've got to be even more fired up with the news about the sanctions being lifted. Remember: when you do shit you're supposed to do the NCAA will reward you. Seriously, the whole situation has me thinking of "I TAKE CARE OF MY KIDS."

(Aaron) I thought about taking IU for the upset because PSU was burned by a potent UCF offense, but then I realized that the Hoosiers were losing to Navy and Missour while UCF was busy with a near-upset of South Carolina. State should get enough stops to sneak away with a win on Saturday.

(Candystripes for Breakfast) This may be the best chance Indiana's had to finally snap their Penn State losing streak...ever. And since Fred Glass decided not to sell this home game for $3 million, I like our chances.


OTE Predicts: Nebraska (8) beats Illinois (3)

(C.E. Bell) Huskers can't stop anyone, Cubit is best hire in Illinois' history, and the Fire Pelini chants grow deafening.

(MNWildcat) Nathan Scheelhaase may run and pass for a combined 500 yards. He may also still be a modern-day Adam Weber. And remember: no matter how well-adjusted Adam Weber seemed, he was still Adam Weber. In conclusion, Adam Weber. Cornhuskers, 42-31.

(GoAUpher) Illinois, because I want to watch the world burn.

(Mike Jones) As much as Illinois has impressed, er, not looked like a tire fire, Nebraska is still a superior team. I think Nebraska wins big.

(Aaron) I was going to say "Nebraska, but I'm not feeling good about it," but then I decided to feel better and pick Illinois. At least it will be an "upset" if I'm right. The Huskers should still be able to run the ball on Illinois, but I'm liking this year's version of Nathan Scheelhaase quite a bit.


OTE Predicts: MSU (6) beats Iowa (5)

(C.E. Bell) This will be the ugliest game of the entire football season.

(MNWildcat) This will be like 3 hours of playing Hammerschlagen. Including laughing at those moments when the drunk kid gets himself right in the thumb. At least 3 times, a team will punt inside the other's 40. Hawkeyes, 20-10.

(Green Akers) Iowa, because it's at Kinnick and I'm going to self-flagellate about MSU's prospects in every game until this offense unclusters itself.

(Jesse) Iowa - I don't know...First team to 7 wins?

(Mike Jones) WTF? Isn't this Big Ten football at its finest? Everyone is cracking jokes about how low scoring it will probably be. IT'S THE BIG TEN. DEFENSE. RUN GAME. DEAL WITH IT. Iowa wins 3-2.


OTE Predicts: Michigan (11) beats Minnesota (0)

(C.E. Bell) Hoke doesn't lose in the Big House.

(MNWildcat) Devin Gardner will do at least 3 things that make my rub my eyes in disbelief. I'm not sure if those things will be good or bad. My heart says the jug comes home. My head says my heart is drunk. Are there doctors on OTE, too? Wolverines, 34-21.

(Green Akers) Michigan, because they've won like a zillion straight against Minnesota and, recent close shaves notwithstanding, are far and away more talented.

(Aaron) I thought Floyd was going to return to Minnesota, but goodness did the Gophers look bad last week. Michigan gets the win to stay undefeated.


OTE Predicts: OSU (7) beats Northwestern (4)

(Aaron) Yeah, I'm not completely sold on Northwestern's defense yet. Braxton Miller should be able to make enough big plays to get out of Evanston with a close win.

(Candystripes for Breakfast) Like Austin Powers, I like to live dangerously. Upset Special: Northwestern

(Hilary) Northwestern (I want it to happen, so therefore it must, right?)

(Jesse) When Northwestern loses on a fluke fourth quarter play, can we all laugh? Or do we just start to feel bad for them. I'm not sure how this B1G thing works when it's at the expense of another team everyone hates...

(Green Akers) OSU, because sometimes the villain just wins and there's nothing anyone can do about it. That is, until they run into a bigger villain in the BCS title game and get Rolled.

(GoAUpher) Even my purple Fitz-aide drinking ass didn't pick NU to win this one.

(MNWildcat) GAMEDAY GAMEDAY GAMEDAY I CAN'T HEAR YOU 'CATS, 40-37. Just kidding. Northwestern's defense has been predicated on generating takeaways. That's going to end badly at some point. Valiant effort, 'Cats keep it close and prove they have a legitimate shot at the West, get a pat on the head from the national media for doing their damnedest. Buckeyes, 38-30.