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The Week 10 Preview: Indiana Hoosiers vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers

As the Hoosiers look to rebound off a throughly disheartening loss to Michigan, they welcome the Gophers to Bloomington for Homecoming.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Last Game's Recap: Well, the last score I heard from this game was 47-49, so I'm going to assume.....that wasn't the final score? Michigan scored two more touchdowns? Yep, I'm officially done trying to understand this team. After a 63-47 game where Michigan set more than a few records, the Hoosiers are officially impossible to predict versus teams that aren't in a class of their own (that class being OSU, Wisconsin...and we're done).

Game Info: The kickoff this Saturday is 3:30pm. BTN has the TV coverage with Paul Burmeister, Derek Rackley, and Eric Crouch (yeah, I don't know why either) on commentary.

Series History: Minnesota leads the overall series 37-26-3. As IU's homecoming opponent, the Hoosiers are 7-2 against the Gophers. The last time Minnesota was IU's homecoming opponent, the Hoosiers came away victorious 30-21 in 2004.

Indiana Notes: This is Homecoming for IU (I may have mentioned that once or twice before). Despite their losing effort, the Hoosiers' offensive output against the Wolverines was their largest in history. Cody Latimer became the 21st Hoosier (and 4th this year) to hit the career 100 receptions/1000 yards milestone. A fifth Hoosier, Duwyce Wilson, is 20 catches away from joining the group, and the 5 players with 1000+ career receiving yards is a Big Ten first.

Minnesota Notes, courtesy of OTE's own GoAUpher: It's been an interesting season. After showing modest overall improvement through the non-conference schedule when compared to last season, Minnesota seemed to regress (a lot) in their loss to Iowa. A second big loss to Michigan and the decision by Coach Kill to take a leave of absence to focus on optimizing his epilepsy treatment plan had Gopher fans pretty down coming into a road game with Northwestern. Since then the mood is much improved.

What it all means remains to be seen. While this is the earliest the Gophers have been bowl eligible since the 2008 season, there is still a lot of room to grow as a team or to end the year on a low note. One more loss and the Gophers have tangible proof (1 more B1G/total win then last season) that will quiet the naysayers (at least somewhat). After that, anything else would be icing on the cake. Lose 4 in a row and the murmurs of "another November collapse" start up in force.

As for this week's game? I have no idea. Seriously, I don't. Personally I see either a 14 point Gopher loss where they trail much of the way or a narrow Gopher win (call it 4 points) where Minnesota grabs a small lead and holds on defense late. Everyone knows the score by now...both teams have offenses that match up well against the weaknesses of the opponent's defense with Indiana having the more explosive offensive output. Whatever happens, I'm looking forward to playing some Sink The Biz in Bloomington.

Predictions: [CfB] As I said before, this team is now officially impossible to predict. Therefore, I shall be using a random number generator for the final score: Indiana 53 - Minnesota 28. And you know, that result wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

[GoAUpher] I'm going to be at the game which means I have to pick the W. Minnesota's running game grinds down the clock, holds on to the ball, and converts on it's scoring opportunities while the Gopher defense forces 2 TO's to blunt the Indiana offensive attack. Minnesota 38 - Indiana 34. Gophers win by 4 and I have to finish at least one bucket of beer for losing at STB.