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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 10

It's Week 10, so that means it's time for 10cc!

Get ready for one of the weirder WWBWWBD discussions. Enjoy, and let us know where you'll be in the comments.

Candystripes for Breakfast
Most likely, I'll be at home, listening to the Hoosiers game on the radio and watching whatever game the OTE game thread tells me is most exciting. As usual, I'll be drinking unexciting drinks, but as my contribution to the "Drinks I wish I was drinking" conversation this week, I offer the Bailey's Birthday Shot in celebration of my 23rd birthday this past Tuesday.

Graham Filler
East Lansing - tailgating with the lady, I'm on the hook for bringing whiskey. So I'll step up to that plate and follow through with Makers and ... Something else. The State of Michigan is pretty thrilled for this game, with expectations that Spartys defense will triumph. But obviously anything is possible. Let's hope it's not 40 and raining during the tailgate by the way.

Hilary Lee
Chicago - taking some much needed time to relax and not do anything of substance besides watch football. I'll be working through my fridge's beer drawer, which at the moment contains an entirely random collection of leftover seasonal bottles.

Hello, Nebraska! Concluding my tour of Midwestern outposts of "civilization" for the fall, I'll be making the road trip with friends out to Lincoln for the 'Cats/Huskers tilt. Morning of, that'll likely mean a bottle of Serendipity or some kind of pumpkin ale for breakfast, the usual cheap beer, and whatever drinking games we decide to play against our Nebraskan tailgating friends out at the Reservation. Expectations are low, but BAC will be high.

Happy belated birthday, CfB!

(Oh, and depending on the level of drunj I get, anywhere from 1-3 Runzas. Sorry, toilet in Lincoln, but I'm starting to feel like we've got a good tradition going here.)

Green Akers
Grand Rapids for a frisbee tournament in the morning, then abandoning my teammates around 2:30 to get to Founders to watch MSU murdalize Michigan. Oh, and since the tournament is two days after Halloween, our team is dressing up, and our theme is Adventure Time. So I'll be at the bar soaked in sweat, watching football dressed as Ice King.

As a side note, I propose we amend this week's WWWWWWWBWWWWWWBD to Where We Be, What We Be Dressed As- if you're dressing up for Halloween, share.

[Ed. Note: Proposal denied.]

I'll be in Bloomington, working my way back to respectability if I lost at Sink the Biz too many times the night before. Jim and Diet are now forbidden from the tailgate after last weekend, so I'll pick up some Lift Bridge on the way out of town and we'll drink that while preparing for what I hope will be a 7th Gopher win. I might bring a bit of Four Roses SB along for fun sipping, but that's it on the whiskey side. Food will consist of easy to store meat products since we're working with coolers instead of fridges. I've heard you put on a fun tailgate IU, I had better not be disappointed.

Jesse Collins
I will be chilling on the couch again. I thought long and hard about going down to Lincoln, but I am literally on a four game losing streak when attending, so I'm going to save the money and hope that Nebraska's run defense is less painful to watch this week than last week and drink something that warms the body. That could be a nice cup of coffee or that could be bourbon and bleach. Kind of depends on how the game goes I suppose.

I'm going to skip the Boiler Blackout this weekend. I'm doing this for my physical health, as I will avoid the literal blackout I would have trying to drink away the memories of the game and those silly black helmets.

Ted Glover
Metro St. Louis. I'll catch the Ohio State-Purdue game, and then I have to go to some wine-cheese birthday party for one of the friends of the wife. That means I'm going to more than likely miss the Michigan-Sparty game, because this wine club the wife is in is full of reprobates that have no affinity for college football or beer. They're good people, but seriously, they spend hours talking about the wind patterns and climatology of the Napa Valley, and most of them couldn't tell the difference between a jet sweep and a jet airliner.

Well, neither can Bo Pelini, but I digress.

And I don't know crap about wine. Other than they're fermented grapes, and wine tastes like lead and ass. All of it. And the lack of commonality between them and I widens from there. Yeah, gonna be a blast for me Saturday afternoon.

So, because I'm going to miss the MSU-Michigan game, I'm going to make sure the rest of your day sucks. How is that? Because in a marriage, there's lots of things that you do for love...things you do for love. Like walkin' in the rain and the snow when there's nowhere to go, and you're feelin' like a part of you is dyin', and you're lookin' for the answers in her eyes. You think you're gonna break up, then she says she wants to make up.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you made me love you...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you've got a way.

Now, TRY and get that bubble gum pop song out of your head for the next three hours or so. You won't be able to. So that kind of low level pissed off feeling you have right now? Yeah, that'll be me Saturday afternoon, missing the MSU-Michigan game. Mua...MUA...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Aaron Yorke
We've been rolled.

Ted, I applaud you for going to a boring-as-all-get-out wine and cheese party just so you can make a joke about Bo Pelini. That is some dedication right there. I also have no idea what "pop" song you were referencing. Wine is good, but only with dainty Pac-12 spread football. Chad, I was at Pequod's this summer and I nearly became sick because of how much deep dish pizza I consumed. Sooooo good.

I'll be working in NYC during most of the afternoon action, but I should be free for the primetime games. Are there any B1G primetime games this week? Of course not, so I'll probably be at a bar watching the most one-sided Top-10 match-up of all time. It will be November on Saturday, so hopefully the bars take down their Halloween decorations (wishful thinking). Last time a fake cobweb clung to my jacket for an entire NFL game. Gross.

C.E. Bell
The in-laws are in town visiting, which means our condo will be crowded (4 people, 2 dogs). Friday night we'll head to Cody's with the dogs for some drinks with friends and their dogs, before heading home with a stop at either Pequod's or Squared Circle (a wrestling themed pizza/stuffed-burgers place in my neighborhood) to pick up some pizza. Saturday will be pretty quiet/lazy, but my father-in-law and I will get to watch the Northwestern-Nebraska game at 2:30 pm CT with some Honey Brown beer (one of his favorites) and some awesome hot ham-and-cheese (and pineapple?) sandwich concoctions my wife and mother-in-law will leave us with (while they go out to have their nails done). For dinner, we're leaning towards Nightwood Restaurant in Pilsen, if we can get in. And then Sunday? Walk the dogs, and probably hit an open house or two. Besides the Honey Brown, I may pick up some Bell's Best Brown Ale, or maybe some Founder's Breakfast Stout (which I enjoyed last weekend).

Oh, and I'm an adult, and I hate Halloween (My top 3 least favorite holidays, in order: 1. New Years Eve. 2. Halloween. 3. Valentine's Day....and St. Patrick's Day only misses the cut because I like the idea behind drinking and celebrating Ireland, but I hate how its amateur hour for drinking. I'm a professional at this...get out of the bar.). So, I won't be dressing up as anything (unless "optimistic but sure to be disappointed Northwestern fan" counts as a costume).

And Ted is wrong. Wine is amazing. And Napa Valley is close to heaven on earth.

And, Ted, I have no idea what that song is. Must have been popular in your childhood the Great Depression.

Graham: I hear Doris Day did an excellent the 40's.

C.E.: I mean, I'm a professional DJ, and I've never heard of that song, but I think I did find a copy of it on YouTube: .

Ted: Then Chad, you're the most over rated DJ in the world...much like your football team. ZING!!!!

And wine sucks.

I'll just show myself out and not come back for the rest of the day.

And I was just kidding about your DJ skills, Chad. Not about the football team, though. :)

Brian: Come on ... am I the only one besides Ted who knows that song?

(and has had it stuck in his head all day)

Green Akers: I mean, I know it...I just don't find it that catchy. At least not catchy enough to displace Come On Eileen, which has been firmly lodged in my head for like 3 days now.

Brian: Well, there's no shame in that.

MNWildcat: Welp, no getting that out of my head now, Andrew.

Ted: Hell, that song has been stuck in my head since 1983.