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OTE Offensive/Defensive/Special Teams Players of the Week: What, Is Thursday Night Too Late For This?

ALL OF THE APOLOGIES for the delayed delivery of the OTE POTW.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

What can I say? Work didn't give me room to write up this simple post until today. I'm a failure and you may all mock me for it.  But enough self flagellation, on to the important things...

Offensive POTW - Tevin Coleman, Indiana

By: Candystripes for Breakfast

15 carries for 215 yards and 2 touchdowns. That sure sounds like the statline of the running back of the week lucky enough to face Indiana's defense this year. Only this time, it's the Hoosiers who rushed all over the Illini. Tevin Coleman's performance, the aforementioned stat line, produced the most rushing yards in one game by an Indiana player in the last decade. Coleman's 75 yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter gave the Hoosiers a lead they would not relinquish. He was helped off later in the quarter with an ankle injury that may keep him out against Wisconsin, but his excellent performance against Illinois earned Tevin Coleman this week's OPOTW.

Defensive POTW - Randy Gregory, Nebraska

By: Jesse Collins

While there is a strong chance we can go ahead and put an asterisk next to players facing the Michigan 'offensive line', there is still no doubt that Randy Gregory was a force on Saturday. His Three Sacks, One QB hurry, and a good bit of containment and havoc towards Gardner was a huge part of the Nebraska defense. Coming from the stand-up position more often than not, his speed was hard to neutralize and he now is tied with Calhoun for the most sacks in the conference. He is only a Sophomore and has only been in system since the Fall. As Nebraska gets better - hopefully - on defense, there are only good things ahead for Gregory.

A Beer for Mr. Gregory:

Burning Skye Scottish Style Ale by Empyrean Brewing in Lincoln, NE

Another good Nebraska beer by the guys at Empyeran. I am not so good at describing beers in the same way I don't really watch football or something like that. This is just a straight forward beer that I happen to enjoy drinking which pairs nicely with my enjoyment of watching Randy Gregory hit QBs.

Special Teams POTW - Peter Mortell, Minnesota

Let me quote from my TDG piece about Pete...

I don't think I can overstate just how impressive a performance that was. Mortell is really helping the Gophers out this season as his solid play at the punter position is flipping field position. That's a great form of defense on it's own, especially when you consider the time of possession holes the Gophers are placing teams in. Forcing teams into longer drives (which will consume more clock assuming the D isn't giving up big plays) is exactly what the coaching staff wants.

That's good and all, but what specifically about this week made him deserving? I'm just going to leave these here...



...along with this:

- Punted four times, including a career long 62 yarder.

- Averaged 46.0 yards.

- Had punts downed at the 1 and 2-yard line.

Sadly, I have no funny beer comparisons to make.

Where did we screw up?

Or did we get it right despite not watching any games?