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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 12

Infant in-homes, getting jobs and not watching football. It's WWBWWBD!

As the 2013 B1G season starts winding down, there are a few happy people and many more sad and/or angry people. As it happens, all of those people have a good reason to drink. And maybe to watch football.

Graham Filler
I don't know how to say this, but I have nothing planned for Saturday. Not one thing. I've had such a busy week and then...nothing this Saturday.

So I don't know. Got any suggestions? Maybe watch football?

I am going to watch some football early in the day and then maybe check out a free D-League basketball exhibition game.

C.E. Bell
Remarkably, there are only two more tailgates for me this football season: this week's Northwestern game against Michigan, and next week's Northwestern vs. Michigan State game. Kinda sad, actually -- the season has been disappointing, and now it's almost over, and it'll be many months until I gather with my purple clad tailgating crew again.

So I'll be tailgating with my normal crew, which is going to involve a menu of Midwestern favorites for what promises to be a crisp fall day - cider, burgers, brats, maybe some hot (peppermint-schnapp infused) cocoa, cherry crisp for dessert, etc.....I imagine some bourbon will be consumed for warmth (leaning toward Buffalo Trace), and perhaps some Two Brother Domain Dupage French Country Ale. And hopefully we'll celebrate long after the game is over, because whenever you #BeatMichigan it's worthy of celebration, because Michigan is insufferable and I'd be happy to see it lose every game in every sport it plays for the rest of eternity (I'm pretty sure that's the definition of Buckeye heaven, coincidentally.)

Hilary Lee
I am unfortunately suffering from my first cold of the season, so I will be curled up on my couch with something warm and tasty while I watch the games.

This weekend is a bye for the Gophers and boy do I need it. You know that fall cleanup that everyone who owns a home complains about? I've been ignoring it for weeks because of football. To be honest, I may not catch any of the early games at all on Saturday. But, I will likely have a beer at some point during the weekend. I'm thinking it will probably come from New Glarus. Unless we're eating out at Craftsman Table & Tap or the Old Fashioned, at which point you can count on me finding something even better. Probably from Belgium. Nom nom nom.

Ted Glover
Hanging out with the grandson. We'll watch our first Ohio State game together, and it will be awesome.

Aaron Yorke
Oh I'll be in Atlantic City catching up with some friends from college that I haven't seen in a while. We might watch the Penn State game... but who knows. I mean, I'll watch the game if we're in front of a TV, but I have no idea what the plans are. Later on the Michigan State vs. Nebraska game should serve as a good way for me to avoid throwing money away at the blackjack tables.

[Ed: Speaking of Atlantic City, the Springsteen song just nails this season for almost half of league: "Everything dies, baby that's a fact". I'm really skeptical about the stuff that dies coming back part at this point, though.]

Green Akers
Ted, did Urbz come through with the offer yet? Let's not pretend he wasn't hitting up the preschools last week to get a look at some 2029 prospects.

The leaves, man. The leaves. With MSU not kicking off until 3:30 and the first hard freeze finally convincing the giant tree in my backyard that it's time to let go already, it might finally be Leafageddon- oop, no, hang on. We got the red and white track meet in Madison at noon. Oh well, looks like I'll just have to spend all day watching football. We'll see what catches my eye at Oade's as far as drinks go. Bell's Winter White looks interesting, I'll probably go with a sixer of that.

Ted: As Grayson's (and Gabriel's) official advisor, I've been talking with Urb, Tom Herman, and Mike Vrabel quite a bit. They visited the child develpment center last week and talked to the director, and are excited to see them transition from formula to baby food. Balance and footwork isn't where it needs to be yet, but they should start crawling any day, and that should take care of itself.

Trying to nail down a good time for an in home, but we're still working around naps and tummy time.

Mike Jones
I'll be home in Des Moines likely celebrating the fact that I was hired permanently by the State of Iowa (I was on contract). Iowa isn't playing this weekend so I guess I'll be watching all you lesser teams when I have some free time. As it's a celebration I think I'll be drinking martinis. Yes...lots of martinis.

[Ed: Did Mike just say he got hired by Iowa State? Fake ass Hawkeye.]

Brian Gillis
I'll be in Los Angeles this weekend, hoping to find something to do other than watch Michigan & Northwestern as they battle to decide which team has the more disappointing season. Yet, while the alternatives will be many, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I'll still inevitably tune in for the carnage.

Candystripes for Breakfast
I'll probably be at home listening to IU-Wisconsin while watching other games as they become interesting. Another noon kickoff, so likely milk, unless I need caffeine to wake up (possible), in which case Beaumont Mocha Iced Coffee will be the beverage of choice.

Ted: Since basketball has started, it's time for most Indiana fans (except for the esteemed CFB) to put up their Notre Dame football gear and break out their Hoosier hoops hoodies. So in honor or this yearly ritual, this week CFB is NOT drinking an Irish Car Bomb.

Jesse Collins
I'll be sitting at home avoiding what could be some atrocious weather for the game. Also, I got lucky the last time I was at a Nebraska game, so I'm going to go ahead and not push my luck. I have no idea what I'll be eating or drinking that day, but I have it on good authority that both eating and drinking will probably happen. Oh, and I have a family dinner that night for my wife's grandpa's birthday, which should be pretty fun. This will also serve to keep my OTE cred up, in that, I will not be watching football that evening.

MNW: Those jerks left me out! I'm just kidding, I actually was at Stanford last night watching yet another Northwestern basketball debacle and didn't have laptop access and didn't feel like typing this out on my phone. Tomorrow morning will be spent arriving in Evanston to enjoy some Irish coffee, then hopping over to our West Lot spot for cheap beer, bacon mac'n'cheese, and the occasional tequimosa. Sadly, I may actually attempt to stay mostly sober in order to get home after the game.

Dear God, I've made a horrible mistake.