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Sunday Morning Coming Down: B1G Blowouts, Dileo Slides

NW Adds Another Devasting Loss, C Hyde Gets Loose

Tasos Katopodis


Michigan Beats NW

This game was a mess, Michigan's play calling was suspect, and that game tying field goal oh lord.

Did we actually learn anything here? Not really, besides NW is trying to lose games in the most devastating way possible. This is a shell of the top20 ranked wildcats team that narrowly lost to OSU. I'll have more about UM later this week, but this was a Save Our Season game when it comes to bowl game opportunities and calming the fan base.

Wisconsin Crushes Indiana

500+ rushing yards later, Wisky beating Indiana horribly is becoming a B1G tradition. Basically if Wisconsin wanted something, they got it. And the Badger D is one of the best stories of 2013 that no one is talking about.

OSU Survives Illinois

Carlos Hyde for Big Ten Offensive Player Of The Year? Goodness, he's scary and vicious and huge and don't bring your arm tackles around here...

PSU over Purdue

Danny Etling showed us a little something, something that led to a few scores more than we expect from the Boilers. It wasn't enough of course. That Purdue defense just needs to be leaned on until they fall. 3-3-5 or 4-3, it just doesn't matter.

MSU Defeats Mistake Prone Huskers