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Purdue – Illinois: Create Your Own Tagline!

One Of You Will Finally Emerge Victorious

Joe Robbins

This battle of these less than superior teams birthed some amazing taglines from the OTE editors. Please add your own in the comments. And please, tune into the game at noon on Saturday on BTN to boost the ratings. We'd hate to see one of these programs relegated to the MAC...or worse.

Purdue-Illinois: It's like the MAC, only in a bigger stadium with less people watching. #B1GMAC

Purdue-Illinois: Where A Tie Is Actually A Win.

Purdue-Illinois: The Capstone Of The Tim Beckman Era.

Purdue-Illinois: THEY'RE COMMMINNNNGGG, TO YOUR SITTTT-AAAAYYYY (if you were really naughty this year, in lieu of a hunk of coal)


College Gameday should do that once a year, late in the season. Go to like the worst BCS conference matchup

with like two weeks left in the season.

Would anyone show up? Would there be a band and cheerleaders? WHO WOULD CORSO PICK?

//mean guitar riff

//vicious drumbeat

'Fumbles and picks, quarterback sacks. Coach on the hot seat, fans smoking crack.


Purdue-Illinois: Where Everyone Gets A Participation Award And Pizza Afterwards

Purdue-Illinois: One of these teams will be hiring Weiss #decidedschematicadvantage

Purdue-Illinois: Loser hires Ron Prince.

Purdue & Illinois: Putting the "pain" in Champaign this Saturday! (TED: But definitely not the champ)

Purdue-Illinois: The Will Muschamp Bowl. Because only a man that inept and dour can coach these teams.

Purdue-Illinois: The "Reminder That Lane Kiffin Is Still Available" Game

Purdue-Illinois: Bringing relegation to the table

Purdue-Illinois: Before you give thanks on Thursday, realize how much worse you could have it.

Purdue vs. Illinois: At least we know there will be no bandwagon jumpers or frontrunners watching! Only crazy people and degenerate gamblers.

Purdue-Illinois: If this were a basketball game, it would be pretty good.

Purdue-Illinois: Much like Cliff Alexander, we wouldn't pick this game either.

Purdue-Illinois: Two coaches enter, one coach leaves. (The other coach gets lost in the stadium because he's completely without a clue....)

Redacted-Redacted: Redacted

Purdue-Illinois: Abandon all nice things, ye who enter here.

Purdue-Illinois: The Battle of Teams Trying to Make IU Bowl Eligible (Candystripes)

Purdue-Illinois: ______________________


(Editor's note: We sincerely regret the error in our previous slogan. Our marketing team, asked to develop a slogan, were found in the conference room, all having committed seppuku.)