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Sunday Morning Coming Down: We Officially Have Our B1G CCG Participants

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Can you all believe that we have one more week of regular season college football? It feels like just yesterday when we were talking about Ohio State going undefeated and not making the BCS Championship Game... Oh wait, that was just yesterday. Lucky for us, yesterday was a mishmash of rivalries with goalpost chopping, blowouts, slap fights, questionable calls, and blowouts. We also know for sure that Michigan State will take on Ohio State in Indianapolis. So let's look at the full slate and let you all discuss.

Michigan State-Northwestern

Hey look, Northwestern didn't lose in a heartbreaking fashion... per say. I will say this, Connor Cook is growing in front of your eyes. The kid isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but he's looking better each week and that game in Indianapolis won't be a cakewalk for Ohio State. Also, that Fowler catch and run was ridiculous. I felt bad for the Northwestern faithful, but then I laughed a little because really, at some point that's all you can do. Oh, and who would have thought that going into the final week, MSU would be going for an undefeated B1G record and Northwestern would be seeking to not be winless?


At some level, Iowa fans probably were just happy to be in the game the whole second half yesterday. When you have multiple turnovers, usually the opponent takes advantage - See: Michigan State against Nebraska the week before - but when you look at the stats, Iowa manhandled Michigan and just made stupid mistakes that let Michigan stick around. Michigan is pretty much a tire fire on offense at this point, and there is little you can do to convince me that they will hang around with Ohio State next week. Since Northwestern has been horrible, Michigan won't be last in the division, but this has been an abomination of a season for them. Oh, and good on Iowa for the win. They're putting together something for the future. They aren't there quite yet, but winning against Nebraska and in the bowl will set them up for a run next year. Lots to play for still.


This game was awful. I tried to keep watching because it was train wreck-like, but I had to eventually turn it off. Oh, and Illinois won, so good for them breaking a 20 game losing streak! Oh, and Purdue was in this game to the bitter end, so that's basically why these two teams will continue to be ranked 11/12 in our Power Poll. I really have nothing good to say about this game.


Minnesota stuck with Wisconsin a lot longer than many people thought they would, and the final score broke a long streak of Wisconsin beating the spread. Conversely, Wisconsin's defense dug in its heels and kept Minnesota from really getting back into the groove of things. The Badgers have an outside chance of the BCS still, and the Gophers can't feel too bad about the end outcome considering how well they've played. Kill has a good thing going up in Minneapolis. Oh, and there was the whole goalpost cutting thing going on and the near-brawl. The rivalries up in here are fun.

Nebraska-Penn State

Stop me if you've heard this before, but there were controversial calls in a Nebraska-Penn State game, and then the Nittany Lions were forced into overtime at home. Oh, and then Penn State lost due to its kicker. These two teams were beat up, former shells of themselves in many respects, and looked like they were freezing. Nonetheless, they played like it was the National Championship on the line. Nebraska was almost undone by its own set of fumbles for the second week in a row, but a walk-on kid from Western Illinois came through in the clutch, hitting the game-winner twice.

Ohio State-Indiana

Ohio State manhandled the Hoosiers and in doing so, we learned very little about either team. The Buckeyes have now won 23 games in a row and no longer have to worry about the Baylor Bears after their terrible game. Ohio State now becomes Auburn and Florida fans. However, being a Florida fan would probably be a fool's errand which brings me to the 'Lets all laugh at the Gators' section of this weekend's festivities. Florida, you paid half a million dollars to host a FCS team in the middle of November. You then went on to allow over 400 rushing yards, zero pass completions, and a loss in the Swamp. You're a joke, and we are all happier for it. SEC folks! S-E-C. Muschamp is now available to take over the Illinois Fighting Illini next year.

One more week everyone!