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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 14

WHOA Black Friday, bam ba lam.

It's time for the last crazily long acronymed post of the season. It's time for WWBWWBDW14. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, but now it's time to get serious. It's time for football, B1G style.

Graham Filler
Parents always end up getting me a sixer for the holidays, filled with beers from all over the world. I'm guessing this year we'll see a London Fuller's, a Newcastle, but I'll bet they include some Michigan beers too. Michigan people are pushing the microbrews this year. Speaking of:

The Michigan Beer Film is awesome. I just got my DVD in the mail. I threw $30 toward their kickstarter project, it looks like a winner. Check it out.

Oh, football. I'll give you my early The Game prediction. Ohio State 35, Michigan 17. I won't be attending, but I'll be watching in Lansing.

Cincinnati, Ohio. Will I be at my hotel? In a sports bar? At the house of a friend or family member? Honestly I have no idea. Which means I also have no idea what exactly I'll be drinking. What I do know is that I will be watching the Gophers at 11am. With any luck they'll beat the Spartans and save us all the hassle of dealing with conspiracy minded State fans railing about the injustices of the world when UW jumps them for a BCS berth following MSU's CTG loss to Ohio State. Plus, ya know, a 9-3 record and finishing 3rd in the B1G West (Huskers FTW in case your wondering where my math comes from) would be nice too.

I'll be in beautiful Southern Indiana (not in Bloomington, thank God), covering my face with my hands and peeking through them occasionly at the Bucket Game. I will drink nothing but my own sad tears for like the twentieth time this season. And WAR EAGLE obviously.

C.E. Bell
I'm getting out of the god-forsaken cold of the Midwest and heading down to Florida for Thanksgiving with my family. I expect I'll be eating the typical Thanksgiving turkey/stuffing/mashed potatoes/sweet potatoes/pumpkin pie/gravy/green beans/cranberry sauce on Thursday, leftovers on Friday, and an epic turkey-cranberry-stuffing sandwich for lunch on Saturday. If I can stomach it, I'll turn on the battle for the LOLHat on BTN, because it's always nice to beat your rival, even if the season has been one long, extended knee to the groin (Hi Jonathan Brown!). Since I'll be in Sarasota, I expect I'll also find time to eat a couple dozen oysters on the half shell, washed down with some Coronas, and I might get in a round or two of golf, possibly. Ahhhhhh, the virtues of 75 degree weather in November....why the hell did I move up to Chicago again?

Jesse Collins
I'll be doing the Thanksgiving thing in Omaha as my wife's family is just north of here and mine is in town. We will have multiple feasts, though, and I'm sure that corn and oysters is on my wife's menu. I do hope to watch copious amounts of football and will be sitting on my couch during the Iowa-Nebraska Heroes trophy game brought to you by your friendly neighbors at Hy-Vee where there's a helpful smile in every aisle apparently even though we all know that's not true because most everyone there is a high school kid that would rather not be there. I'll probably end up drinking some wine or something at these meals because that seems to be a thing at Thanksgiving meals.

Hilary Lee
I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving in Wisconsin. I'll be consuming whatever beer my mother decides to buy during my time there. Hopefully some local favorites. And there will be much football.

Candystripes for Breakfast
I'll be having lunch with some relatives over in Fishers, IN, so I may not be home for some of the Bucket game (I expect shopping to follow lunch). I'm sure Coca-Cola of some sort will be consumed both at lunch and whenever I get home to watch/listen to the game.

Graham: What will CFB not be imbibing:

Dark and Stormy's. I'm actually surprised he doesn't love these, along with Moscow Mules, these are some of your tastier populist drinks. Ginger beer really adds something to the equation.

Ted: Wait, I thought for sure, in honor of The Old Oaken Bucket game, CFB won't be drinking a bucket of beers. Bud or Coors Light domestics, natch.

babaoreally: The answer is Boilermakers. He will not be drinking those.

Ted Glover
On Thanksgiving, we'll have a house full of folks and your traditional feast with all the trimmings. On Friday, I might...might be leaving for Ann Arbor. Really tempted to pull the trigger on reasonably priced tickets because Michigan fans are abandoning their team in droves, and I've never been to an OSU home game away from Columbus.

Still have some logistical stuff to work out, and I'm probably 50/50 at this point on whether or not I'm going to pull the trigger, so option 1A is to watch The Game with some friends, and drink a few beers. What kind of beer yet I'm not sure, but I'm thinking some Sam Adams Oktoberfest might hit the spot.

Mike Jones
I'll be in Lincoln watching Iowa take on Nebraska. No I won't be eating a terrible fucking Runza shit sandwich. I will be drinking heavily though. Probably more Jack Daniels and Bud Light.

Ted's never gone to an OSU home game away from Columbus? Well WE OFFERED FOR YOU TO COME TO EVANSTON. Jerk.

Mike, you're missing out on runzas.

I'll be home, because screw football. Likely be down in Sleepy Eye on Saturday, possibly watching NU-Illinois battle for the LOL on my laptop with BTN, possibly not. Beer for the weekend will be the growler of Lift Bridge I'll be picking up and all the Schell's I can carry out of New Ulm. I will likely still be in a food coma after Thanksgiving and broke after Black Friday, so who knows if I'll even remember the game is being played on Saturday. After all, Northwestern's a basketball school! Right?


Green Akers
Hnnnnnggg still frantically trying to get ready for this trial that starts Monday (mad props to the judge for moving it up a week) but you better believe I'm going to pry out time for dinner tomorrow afternoon and the State game on Saturday so we can go 8-0 in conference for the first time evar and keep our BCS at-large hopes ok nope sorry can't even pretend that's a remote possibility because everyone hates us but that's OK 'cause I hate them back, only way we're going to the BCS if we lose to OSU is if they're in the title game instead of the Rose, so what I'm trying to say I guess is WAR DAMN EAGLE and Whatever People Say When Rooting For The Gators lol that's not going to happen. Should probably drink OJ to fight off the stress/Chicago weekend cold I feel taking hold of me but let's be real, this weekend has family and football and lots of work, I'm reaching for the rum and quickly wondering why it's always gone. Sailor Jerry and Dr. Pepper, by the way, is a wonderful thing.

Aaron Yorke
I'm going to meet my friend in Brooklyn for the Penn State basketball game versus either Ole Miss or someone else. Of course all the good football games are on at the same time. WAR EAGLE!

Brian Gillis
I'll be in Los Angeles this weekend, Redondo Beach to be precise, with my parents, who are leaving behind the cold of Michigan to celebrate Thanksgiving in the sun. Saturday, after watching what I fear could turn out to be a 1968-like beating at the Big House, we're planning on heading to the LA Coliseum to watch USC battle UCLA, where I'll temporarily live vicariously through two teams that are not only in the hunt for the Rose Bowl, but appear to be on the upswing.