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Your Black Friday B1G Gamethread

It' at Nebraska! So there's that! If y'all don't blow this out, it'll stay for tomorrow. There are more games then. I could elaborate, but I don't want to.

That's a bad touch, James. BAD TOUCH.
That's a bad touch, James. BAD TOUCH.
Matthew Holst



Discuss. There's also basketball! Michigan State-Mount St. Mary's at 1pm, Purdue-Wazzu ongoing on ESPNU, Michigan-Coppin State at 2pm, OSU-North Florida (OSPREYS!) at 4, Iowa-UTEP at 6, PSU@St. John's at 6, IPFW-Illinois at 7, and Northwestern-UCLA (hide no no no do not watch) at 10:30.

Usual rules apply; be excellent to one another.