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Sunday Morn' Coming Down in the B1G

Graham's Random Thoughts

Eric Francis

All 12 teams were playing, meaning 50% of you are relatively unhappy.

Iowa fans, you're unhappy because Wisconsin made everyone acknowledge that ya are, who we thought ya are. Tough defense, somewhat impotent offense.

Illinois, you're unhappy because the losing streak continues.

Purdue, you're unhappy because Purdue.

Wolverines, you got beat up bad. Remember in fourth grade, when you had to go to recess with the 6th graders and decided to play football with the big boys and you got pancake blocked by two of them and felt like all the bones in your body were crushed? That's how you feel physically today.

But seriously, Indiana.

Great progress this year from the Hoosiers offense. Great to see the effective offensive system, with its quick passes and effective spreading out of defenses. The Hoosier defense continues to be the worst thing ever, however. If I was a beat poet or a rapper, here's my Indiana diss line:

Like a fifth grader struggling at geometry

Your safety bad with angles

Please get better on defense Indiana.


Michigan State's defense, #1 in the nation if you didn't know, crushed the Michigan O-line with its pressure and power. The powerful Paul Bunyan would be proud of the Spartan effort.

Before the game, I looked at all the variables, and they all favored State:

  • Rainy, cold weather that was sure to affect the Michigan passing game
  • Rabid home crowd
  • Young, Inexperienced Michigan O-Line...facing the pressured fury of the Spartan D

The game's results made a lot of sense


Since OTE was created, there have been a litany of painful losses. Some that come to mind:

The Wisconsin screwjob in the desert this year where the ref's failed to call delay of game

The Hail Sparty by Cousins to Nichol

The Kellogg Miracle yesterday made its way into that litany.

Make that 5 straight losses for NW. From GameDay to No Bowl. Couldn't be more painful right now.