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In Praise Of Overreaction


Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

12 teams in the B1G were on display this Saturday. Some good things happened. Some really, really bad things happened. Wild predictions and questions abound regarding:

Nebraska's coaching search WAIT Pellini is a genius

Hey BCS, how dare you penalize OSU for playing in a terrible conference!!

Fire Hoke now or just kind of soon?

Fitzgerald...not a wizard? No lifetime contract?

MSU: Best college defense ever or just best defense since 1966?

Iowa's offense: Impotent again? FIRE ALL

This Purdue team is the worst B1G team of all time!


Okay that Minnesota thing is out of line, I'm sorry. Moving on -

Unlike some of my calmer OTE compatriots, I believe that you should overreact on a weekly basis. For goodness sakes, college football is only active for four months of the year, make a big deal of everything! Why must we preface comments all the time with "let's be calm" or "logic dictates" or "it is what it is" or "we'll see how it all plays out"? That's what the offseason is for! Just kidding, the offseason is also for wild statements and extreme optimism/pessimism.

You're going to have some wild overreaction choices below, pick the one you most agree with, and then share your overreactions in the comment thread.