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The State of the Race: Leaders Division, Week 11

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Green Akers did a solid writeup on the Legends Division standing with four weeks left. In a similar fashion to last week, I will be taking on the glorious Leaders Division. As always, look for my unscientific percentages for going to Indianapolis and feel free to mock my football watching (or lack thereof).

Sorry, You're Still Not Eligible

Penn State 5-3 (2-2)

Hi there Penn State. I legitimately did not see your full game against Illinois due to the world's longest game going on in Lincoln, I was unable to see your glorious overtime victory over the Illini. Now, while this sounds a bit condescending, and it probably is, I will at least give you credit for being 5-3 and at .500 in the division. You would not be out of the running to make it to Indianapolis if you were eligibly. Unfortunately you are not, and we will now be moving on.

Super Unscientific Chance of Indianapolis: 0.0%

Thanks for Playing, but You are Officially Eliminated

Purdue 1-7 (0-4)

Hi there Purdue. It was probably a really fun time talking about how you were going to make a stand against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Unfortunately that was not even in play from the beginning. We have been discussing the atrociousness of your offense pretty much non-stop, but seriously guys, you have not gotten into the red zone since September. Um, that's really really bad. We're really happy you are obliging the other teams in this conference, but now it is official that you will not be going to Indianapolis.

Super Unscientific Chance of Indianapolis: 0.0%

Illinois 3-5 (0-4)

Hi there Illinois. We should probably chat a little bit. I honestly did not think that it was possible to lose this many conference games in a row, but with your streak hitting 21 in a painful overtime way, I want you to know that I am here for you if you need me. It's tough being the guy who gets laughed at and who is told they can't have nice things. I get that, and if you feel like we're piling on, that's probably fair. On the flipside, just remember the good times when you were 3-1 and people thought you might beat Nebraska. Yeah, just keep thinking about those days. Oh, and by the way, you are also officially eliminated from Indy contention. So there's that.

Super Unscientific Chance of Indianapolis: 0.0%

Next Man Down

Indiana 3-5 (1-4) (1-3)

Hi there Indiana. You are not officially eliminated from Indianapolis, and for that you should feel pretty damn good about yourself. Of course, after the collapse at the end against Minnesota - even after the glorious comeback - perhaps you couldn't care less about what I'm saying about positive opportunities in November. Right now, the most important thing you can do is take care of Illinois and Purdue and then figure out how to split Wisconsin and Ohio State for bowl eligibility. If you do that, we'll be happy for you and we will see you back here next year, working hard to make it to Indy.

Super Unscientific Chance of Indianapolis: 0.8%

The Competitor

Wisconsin 6-2 (4-1)

Hi there Wisconsin. Amidst what has been a really interesting year for you - I am still in awe of the Arizona State game and the fact that you play BYU this week - we have learned that you have aspirations of another BCS bowl game. In many ways, you wish that you could get back your chance at Ohio State, but what is done is done and now you have to hope for the Buckeyes to lose two against what is definitely not a lose two schedule. With that said, I have seen stranger things, and as long as I have been here, the only thing I know is Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. So let's get Wisconsin to the Rose Bowl, shall we?

Super Unscientific Chance of Indianapolis: 7.2%

Barring Craziness, the Leaders Division Champion

Ohio State 9-0 (5-0)

Hi there Ohio State. You just murderized the Boilermakers and are now on a killing spree of pretty epic proportions. I still have no idea if you can make the BCS championship - that's Mike's job - but I do know that you are the front-runner for Indianapolis by a mile right now. With your eyes focused even higher, I'm sure this seems like a somewhat obnoxious act on your way to facing a name brand, but we like the idea of you going through the slog of the B1G. We're also waiting for you to mess this up somehow.

Super Unscientific Chance of Indianapolis: 92%