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The First OTE / BTP B1G Basketball Power Poll - Caddyshack Quotes

OTE and BTP combine with Caddyshack to rank all B1G hoops teams

Warren Little

This is a top five movie for me and my favorite comedy of all-time. Quotable and improvisational from the start, a useful bonding movie on the course...This Poll featured 16 voters, many thanks to Big Ten Powerhouse and the OTE writers. Gunga...gunga galunga.

So let's go. The ranking is on the left, followed by the quote and then # of votes garnered.

1. Michigan State - "He's about 455 yards away, he's gonna hit about 2 iron I think." - 192 Points - 16 First Place Votes

Loaded with vets and talent and Izzo, this Spartan team is confident, confident, confident. We'll see what they do with Kentucky...

2. Ohio State- "Well??!! We're Waiting!" - 169

Just waiting for all that talent to go a little bit further in the NCAA Tournament.

3. Michigan - "Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become Masters champion." 162

This is a shout out to last year's run. If you would have told Michigan fans in 2007 they would be flush with NBA-level talent and perennial Top 10 teams, I think some people may not have believed you.

4. Indiana - "It's easy to grin / When your ship comes in / And you've got the stock market beat. / But the man worthwhile, / Is the man who can smile, / When his shorts are too tight in the seat." - 140

It was easy to grin / and cut down nets / with all your NBA talent / you were hard to beat /

But after wasting that team's #1 seed / and without all those players / can you continue to compete?

5. Wisconsin- "Hey, you scratched my anchor!" - 133

Al Czervik's jerk move is reserved for the B1G's most disliked coach/team.

6. Iowa - "The Good Lord wouldn't ruin the best game of my life!"- 114

One of the biggest early storylines of this B1G season: People expect the Iowa Hawkeyes to go dancing this year. How about that. Let that sink in. Anything less than the tourney would be disappointing.

7. Illinois- "So what? So let's dance!" - 82

One of the other intriguing storylines of this B1G season: What's really expected from this Illinois team? Seventh best in the B1G will usually get an NCAA Tourney bid, a testament to the conference's depth.

8. Purdue- "Wait a minute guys...I don't play golf...for money...against people." - 79

When does the pressure return to Matt Painter's squad to make the tourney? When do the Boilermaker fans, drunk with the memory of 6 consecutive NCAA 2nd round or better performances, realize that's all over and it's back to grinding out Tourney appearances? How much pressure is on Painter personally?


9. Minnesota - "You're not, you're not good Al. You stink." - 74

Weak inside and trying out a new up-tempo system, no one expects much from this Gopher team. Maybe they'll at least be fun to watch?

10. Penn State- "Well, the world needs ditch diggers, too." - 42

So much turnover and upheaval gives our voters little faith in this PSU team. Who blocks shots inside for them and patrols the paint?

11. Northwestern- "Oh Porterhouse, look at the wax build up on these shoes I want that wax stripped off there, then I want them creamed and buffed with a fine chamois, and I want them now. Chop chop." - 33

Couldn't resist. SMAILS.

12. Nebraska- "My uncle says you've got a screw loose." - 28


But seriously. This team is going to need a refreshing drink (maybe a Fresca?) to cool off after their many B1G losses.