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Sunday Morning Coming Down: Big B1G Games, Finally

All eyes on AA, now turned to Indi

Gregory Shamus

All the B1G talking points you could ever want.

OSU survives Michigan

Most Michigan fans just wanted a watchable game. Most didn't think they would get one. But a long string of Buckeye mistakes plus Gardner beast mode turned this game into the second most exciting game of the day.

There are few things Michigan fans love more than crushing Buckeye dreams. The 1990's were a long string of defeats, each more painful for OSU fans than the next. This game, going down in history as the "should he have gone for two" finish (he should have, is the answer) kept the nation entertained and probably had some collateral effects:

Thought Number One - Michigan may have damaged OSU's national championship game hopes. Now that the nation is having a serious conversation about picking a one loss SEC team over undefeated OSU, we see that wins and losses are less important than national perception and margins of defeat. How can OSU claim they're one of the two best teams in America if they can barely beat Michigan???

Thought Number Two - This game earned Brady Hoke respect for getting the Wolverines UP for The Game. It also showed a terrible Wolverines team with a plan on how to beat OSU. The plan? Misdirection and throwback screens and smart checkdowns. And Borges got some ammo to support his continued employment at UM. We will see.

Michigan State, Monster

Goodness, an unwatchable physical beating by the Spartans. What a good game for defensive enthusiasts. Minnesota, built for these kinds of games, couldn't ever generate frontline push, but then again who has against the Spartans?

PSU, Upsetter

Until last night, MSU/OSU/Wisconsin hadn't lost to the other 9 teams in the B1G. It happened. Thanks Penn State. Thanks off kilter Joel Stave. And wow boy, 24 point underdogs.

Bo Pelini

Will he survive? It seems he will, judging from media reports. But if they want to fire him, he's given the go ahead. I'm interested what our Nebraska readers think.