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OTE's Bowl Pick 'Em Contest - Bragging Rights Are At Stake

Also, possibly OTE gear. But we're waiting on the lawyer types before announcing anything officially.

Mike Ehrmann

Just imagine. It's January 7th. This is THE DAY of days for you. Are you getting a promotion? No. Did you win the lottery? No. Get married? No. Have a baby? No.

No this day is bigger than all of those days rolled into one. This is the day you will be officially announced as the champion of the Off Tackle Empire Bowl Pick 'Em contest.


It's true friends! The bragging rights could be yours. Just think of all the smack talking you'll be able to do in the comments!

The Details

- The official OTE Bowl Pick 'Em is set up at Yahoo because that's what we've always done and if there is one thing that is completely B1G it's tradition for tradition's sake. Yes, you'll need a Yahoo ID to play. If you have concerns with that I suggest you camp out on Ted's lawn and petition him for justice.

- Here is the link to the OTE Bowl Pick 'Em group. It's a private group, but the link should handle the password for you. If you need to enter a password for some reason it's "getoffmylawn" in honor of Ted.

- Once you're at the group, create a set of picks. If you could, please make sure your bracket name includes your SB Nation moniker. It will make ID'ing the winner just a tad bit easier.

- The OTE Pick 'Em will be scored based on Confidence Points. Not sure what those are? The Yahoo FAQ can help:

Yahoo Sports College Bowl Pick'em is a free Fantasy Sports game allowing you to compete against others to see who can select the winners of the 35 college football bowl games.

Playing is easy -- just choose the team you think will win each game and assign a unique confidence value, from 1 to 35, for each pick. Maximize your points by assigning the highest confidence values to your most confident picks. With each correct choice, you earn the confidence points you attributed to that pick.

- Make sure to complete your picks in time for the first game and wait for the accolades about your awesomeness to pour in.

- We'll post a couple of updates on OTE as bowl season progresses to keep people apprised of who is winning and losing.

I Was Told There'd Be OTE Gear

Working on that. Since it would be an official promotion we have legal steps to take. More will be said once those steps are completed.


***Unless you are already famous or rich I wouldn't expect much



Participants are subject to the official rules found HERE.