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The 2013 All Empire Team: Offense and Kicker

Our Awards are Almost as Awesome as this
Our Awards are Almost as Awesome as this
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of year everyone! That time where we give real accolades for accomplishments on the field. Now, while the writing team at OTE may or may not - leaning the latter - watch football, we still have opinions on who the best of the B1G was in 2013. In the past, we really have not done a great job of really honoring those with the most important designation possible: The OTE All Empire Team.

So here is how this worked. I have a really official Google Doc sent to each writer, and despite attempts at Olympics-level corruption, we have a pretty clear cut All Empire Team. Today we will launch into the Offense and Kicker categories. Because honestly, we are not all smart enough to properly evaluate each position and tell you with a straight face that we got it right, we will be honoring the best QB, RB, WR, TE, and OL on offense and best DE, DT, LB, CB, and S on defense. I think that sums up our methodology. Let's get this thing going!

The Ted Glover was Similar to Bauserman at Quarterback Award

Winner: Braxton Miller - Ohio State (10 Votes)

Others Receiving Votes:

NaTre RoberSudfeld - Indiana (1 Vote)


The Jesse Collins Did Not Play Football but Would Have Played Running Back Award

Winner: Carlos Hyde - Ohio State (6 Votes)

Others Receiving Votes:

Melvin Gordon - Wisconsin (2 Votes)

Ameer Abdullah - Nebraska (1 Vote)

Wisconsin - Wisconsin (1 Vote)

Tevin Coleman (1 Vote)


The Filler-Franz Legends and Leaders at Wide Receiver Award

Winner: Allen Robinson - Penn State (7 Votes)

Others Receiving Votes:

Jeremy Gallon - Michigan (1 Vote)

Jared Abbrederis - Wisconsin (1 Vote)

Cody Latimer - Indiana (1 Vote)


The GoAUpher Inept TE turned Waterboy Tight End Award

Winner: Devin Funchess - Michigan (5 Votes)

Others Receiving Votes:

C.J. Fiedorowicz - Iowa - (3 Votes)

Ted Bolser - Indiana (1 Vote)

N/A - N/A (1 Vote)


C.E. Bell Knows Nothing About Offensive Line Play Offensive Lineman of the Year

Winner: Brandon Scherff - Iowa (6 Votes)

Others Receiving Votes:

Jack Mewhort - Ohio State (2 Votes)

Colin Rahrig - Indiana (1 Vote)

Not Taylor Lewan (1 Vote)


The MNWildcat Went 6/9 on PATs Kicker Award

Winner: Jeff Budzien - Northwestern (9 Votes)

Others Receiving Votes:

Mitch Ewald - Indiana (1 Vote)