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The 2013 B1G Power Poll: The Football Recapalooza

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so I dropped the Power Poll yesterday and originally it was going to be a megapiece. But just like I find Sharknado to be a catastrophe of proportions that cannot be measured, having a huge recap and a full Power Poll was just too much. Nonetheless, I know you all love content, and this is some pretty good stuff.

Some background on the graphs below... A long time back, I started reading Brandon Vogel's coverage of all things Nebraska over at Hail Varsity. Somewhere along the way, he started using these awesome infographics that were powered by this cool site online called, and I made up my mind to use that tool at some point to make a killer visual representation of the stuff that we do here at OTE. Well, that was probably a year back or so and I just found a way to incorporate the tools and made what follows. I'll be honest, it's probably just a lot of glitter on the information, but it was fun to make and look back at things. I am nowhere near as analytical as Brandon, but I just knew I would have fun putting stuff together with pretty colors and such, and I was right.

With that said, I meant it when I wrote that this has been a really fun year of Power Polls. Thanks for reading along and commenting all year. Now let's take a backwards look at everything that's happened since August - you know, when we still believed Michigan was the second best team in the Big Ten - and make sense of it all. Again, with a giant tip of the hat to Brandon Vogel for being my inspiration in trying to present information in a cooler way then just textand a big round of applause to everyone who is a part of this week in and week out, let's look at the 2013 B1G Power Poll Recapalooza.