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Happy Holidays from the Hoosiers (and Hep's Rock)!

Greetings from the best limestone in southern Indiana!

A family portrait. Don't I look good?
A family portrait. Don't I look good?
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Season's greetings to our Big Ten Brethren (and you too, Purdue),

Hoping this holiday greeting from Bloomington finds you well and in (mostly) good spirits. I know most of the people around here have found them, and used them to get through tailgating for 8 home games, or as it's known around here, Fall Tailgating Season. Kevin's still working on Fred to get those people across 17th Street by whatever means necessary, and he keeps shooting an awful lot of glances at Doug when he does. A lot of people weren't fond of Doug's antics this year, but he's still here, for now.

And hey, how about that team? They sure were close to going bowling this year! Those military guys sure knew how to run, and those nice gents from Columbia did really well in the end, didn't they? (Oh, Goldy, the next time we meet, I have a few things I'd like to discuss. Tevin was so downcast after the game.) At least we saw the Bucket come back, and this time it even got to stick around for a year. I look forward to hearing all kinds of crazy things for the next 300 days and beyond. Maybe we'll even get to greet Old Brassy when he comes through next. ;)

It's so sad that some of the boys are moving out, but Mitch and Ted have been here a long time, and we'll miss them so much. (Though I heard a rumor that Ted may have already found a spot rooming with a nice young man who resembles Reggie Wayne, so we're very excited for him.) However, Darius seems to be settling in nicely, and we hope the next set of new Hoosiers comes in ready to play.

We're buried in snow here for a while, and there seems to be some very loud parties happening just east of here, but we look forward to hearing from you all and seeing you drop by next year. Be prepared to swap some stories; I know I'll have some doozies, especially about a certain Sad Lion.

Have a Happy New Year, and #victorybacon to all.

-Hep's Rock

PS: Can't wait to see the Jersey Boys live next season. And they may be serving Turtle soup over at the Hall in the future, because some people just can't let the past be the past (but I don't have to tell any of you about that; you know who you are).