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Should Michigan Have Gone For Two?

A short discussion

Gregory Shamus

Pretty much everyone watching Michigan-OSU began having the "go for two" discussion when Michigan began driving, down 42-35. That discussion went like this -

  • UM cannot stop Ohio State. Carlos Hyde and Miller are literally running up and down the field. That's not going to stop in Overtime.
  • UM has the clear chance to RIGHT NOW go for two and crush the Buck's MNC hopes. Just crush 'em. The opportunity is yards away. Take that opportunity.
  • UM's quarterback is hobbled. If you score and then kick the PAT to tie, how's he going to hold up taking more snaps?
  • UM has nothing to lose. Bowl Game record jockeying? This IS Michigan's bowl game. Win on a gutsy two point conversion and the team is legendary. Lose? Everyone thought you were going to lose, and by a lot more than 1 point.

The season was terrible and Michigan fans know it. It's nice to have a gutsy coach who let his seniors choose their fate. Makes you proud of the team. I think it was the right call. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.