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Cyber Monday Christmas Shopping on OTE: Buy OTE B1G Apparel

For the special B1G fan on your list

Hey. We've got amazing OTE apparel for sale. These t-shirts make perfect Christmas gifts for the Big Ten fan on your shopping list. Uniquely adorned with your school's colors and General William T. Sherman, these shirts will be a hit on Christmas morning. AND TODAY, you get 15% off the shirts. It's Cyber Monday!

Here is the link. Click on the link(s).



How do I get 15% off these amazing t-shirts?

Simply go buy a shirt and put in this code.


The code is exclusive to SBN readers and it's only good until tomorrow.

How do I know the size will be correct?

I'm 5'8 and 160 lbs. I bought a size small. It fits perfectly.

My stepdad is 5'11 and 190 lbs. We got him an XL and he tucks it into his jeans. He loves the shirt.

Which shirt is coolest?

We did a Top 5 OTE Apparel designs article here, but there are no wrong answers. These are amazing, unique gifts.