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Happy Holidays From OTE

If you like vintage stuff, you're going to love these calendars. And you get a discount because you love OTE. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????

Now that we're officially in the holiday season, we're throwing some cool stuff your way. Graham's already mentioned the t-shirts, but if that's not enough to whet your shopping whistle, how about vintage calendars from Asgard Press?

Asgard Press calendars feature 12 frame-ready prints of actual game-day football program covers from your school's history. Each image is perforated at the top and bottom for easy removal and display in a standard 11x14 frame. Using the link provided, you get an automatic 10% discount on anything you buy.

I don't know if you remember us offering these last year, but these things are awesome. I got the OSU one, and it's fantastic. Each month is easy to detach, and the pictures are suitable for framing. Several of our writers got one, and I don't think anyone was disappointed. These make perfect gifts for your sports fan family member. If you're interested, just go here:

And type in the promo code 'offtackleempire13' and you'll receive a 10% discount. So hurry up, go get one. Or two. Or twenty. They're awesome, and you won't be disappointed.

We can't get each of you a gift, so this is our way to say thanks. Thanks for making this an honest to God community, as real as any neighborhood that we happen to live in. I can honestly say on some of my most depressing days, I've come to OTE and your comments, memes, and photoshops have lifted my spirits and made me laugh uncontrollably. Thank you, each an every one of you, for making my world a little brighter, every day. We've experienced tremendous growth this year as a site, and none of it would be possible without you folks participating.

So from all of us here at Off Tackle Empire, may your holiday season be safe and joyous. Now go buy a calendar from Asgard Press, and stay off my lawn in the process.