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Who are you rooting for (or against) in the B1G game?

Neutral B1G fans: Would you rather see Buckeye tears or a B1G National Championship shot?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday I was talking to my brother, who is also a Purdue fan, about the OSU-Michigan and Auburn-Alabama games. We were both obviously elated that "Hop on the bus" Gus Malzahn's team had beaten Alabama. My brother was glad that Ohio State now controls their own destiny to play for the National Championship. I didn't really care about that so much; I wish Michigan would have beaten OSU regardless of what happened down south.

That got me to thinking about the B1G title game and rooting interests. I have no dog in the fight. Neither Michigan State nor Ohio State has any sort of rivalry with Purdue, and I really don't like either team. So should I root for Ohio State, since a win would put them (and their conference) in the National Championship game? Or should I root for Michigan State just for the fun of it?

It comes down to this: Do I care more about a conference member getting a shot on the national stage, or would it be more fun to see Ohio State and Urban meijer lose the big game?

The answer for me is that I am rooting for Michigan State, but I won't be losing any sleep if the Buckeyes pull it out.

What about you guys? I don't want to hear from people who have a stake in this: that includes OSU, MSU, and Michigan fans. I also don't want to hear from people that want a particular team to win so that their team will get a better bowl game out of it. It should all come down to the big question of whether you enjoy chaos more than you like to see the conference getting some good publicity.

Please leave a vote on the poll and your reasoning in the comments.