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Talking Points: Good Morning From B1G Land

B1G Talking Points For Your Day


Mitch McGary. Out for the season most likely. This is a tremendous blow to the Wolverines. McGary fit that offense like a glove, such an active rebounder and inside scorer, free to move around while the rest of the team camps on the perimeter. Don't forget - this is not a great defensive team, they needed all the rebounding and interior activity they could get. Expect Michigan to have a couple 88-82 type losses this year.

Bill O'Brien. Gone or not gone? He did a great job at Penn State, keeping the team and program together in the midst of upheaval. He's well liked and most importantly, can coach quarterbacks into being successful. Which is something the Houston Texans never had, which is why he's a perfect fit. Who replaces BOB if he leaves?

B1G CONFERENCE PLAY STARTS TOMORROW. The overwhelming feeling is a top-heavy B1G with a mushy middle and some also-rans. Indiana@Illinois, OSU@Purdue - Not bad starting matchups.

Max Bullough. One of the most surprising B1G developments this year is the Captain's suspension. The Bullough family is so important to the Spartan program and so respected. To lose the starting MLB/team captain/playcaller before the program's first Rose Bowl since the 80's...That's a big deal. No one knows what caused the suspension.