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Championship Saturday Early Thread

There's a lot of football to be played before the Big Ten championship game tonight.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Although the game we're most interested in doesn't start until 7 PM, that doesn't mean the rest of the college football world has the rest of the day off. The Oklahoma-Oklahoma State and Texas-Baylor outcomes will, in some way, determine who the Big 12 champion is. Frankly, don't care who wins, as it's the Big 12.

We also have the SEC Championship kicking off at 4 between Missouri and Auburn. Apparently, ALL OF THE AMERICANISM is at that game, and you are like the worst person ever in the history of the world if you don't think the winner of that game should go to the BCS title game. I'll take the Tigers. And America.

There's several other games going on, but quite frankly, they're dog match ups. Well, they just are. I'm 136% sure no one who frequents this blog cares about any of the other games. Except maybe terrorists. Or degenerate gamblers. Possibly Canadiens. Or AAC fans, if they really do exist.

Standard open thread rules apply: no links to porn, no links or mentions of websites that illegally stream games, and play nice.