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Big Ten at Ten 2.22.13: This Cheerleader Is Better at Half-Court Shots Than You Are At Most of What You Do

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This video is going viral for obvious reasons today, but I figured it would be a nice lead-in on a snowy Friday morning. Seriously, though, this ranks up there as one of the better halfcourt shots I've ever seen. It also prompted me to spend fifteen minutes or so watching random fans and college kids shoot halfcourt shots for prizes, pride, and show. YouTube is the best!

In B1G News, Penn State is sadly still very much defeated. Sitting at 0-14 in league play, going winless is looking like more of a stark reality than a fleeting chance. The obvious games left that look potentially winnable would be Minnesota and Northwestern, but those are both on the road. Penn State has won exactly zero games on the road. Of course, they didn't exactly play any non-con games on the road, so there's that.

Still, you gotta hand it to them. They fought against a pretty hot Illinois squad last night, and with 5 seconds left, it was a 3 point game. Gotta close those games out. I am now fully expecting Penn State to win a game in the BTT because in a year where everything is crazy, why wouldn't that happen?

Finally, going into the weekend, there are some good games to keep an eye on. First and foremost, the makeup game of Nebrasketball-Iowa: Part I (AKA The Most Important Game You Can't Really Watch) will finally be played. That's on Saturday at the Bob. There has been a little bit of manufactured and sponsored by Hy-Vee hate in the Nebraska-Iowa, but Iowa fans will be none-too-pleased if Nebrasketball figures out to score a win and more or less knock out Iowa from NCAA Tournament consideration (Let's just say Nebrasketball wouldn't exactly be considered a 'good loss' even though the RPI isn't awful).

On Sunday, Illinois goes to Michigan and will try to keep their winning streak up while Michigan will do what they can to stop the bleeding. Michigan State goes to Ohio State to rebound after the close loss to Indiana. Finally, Northwestern goes to Purdue where, well, not a ton of storylines there because both teams are essentially dead in the water. Still a fun weekend of basketball and waiting for snow and the Oscars and all those things that we do because we don't have to work. Stretch run here people. Stretch. Run. On to the links!


That's all I got. Go sledding sometime today y'all. Nice powdery snow and fairly warm (at least here in Omaha). Snowmageddon was avoided and now we look to next week where we talk more basketball and start thinking towards spring training... in football.