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Big Ten at Ten 2.4.13: Who Got a Ring?

So which Big Ten players/coaches got a ring?


An embarrassing power outage? Check.

Colin Kaepernick throwing for 302 yards? Check.

Joe Flacco winning a ring and "Big Game MVP"? Check.

Last night went to plan for just about everybody. The storyline was predictable, the players were going through the motions and the game wasn’t as exciting as it should’ve been. Nah I’m just kidding. Last night was full of OMGLOLWTF moments. Following Jacoby Jones’ 108 kickoff return for a touchdown people started asking themselves "So, what else is on?"

If you changed the channel, you made a mistake. "That team from San Francisco" went nuts, scoring 17 points in under 5 minutes, making it a 5 point game. Then Joe "Real Deal" Flacco went all game manager on us in the 4th quarter and ran over 5 minutes off the clock giving that team from San Francisco 4:19 to score a touchdown. After some questionable playcalling/officiating/throwing the game was over. That team from Baltimore held on to win, 34-31.

Five players and two coaches who attended Big Ten schools earned rings last night. They are:

  • Indiana: Tandon Doss (WR)
  • Iowa: Sean Considine (S), Marshal Yanda (G/T), Jim Caldwell (OC)
  • Michigan: Andy Moeller (OLC)
  • Nebraska: Sam Koch (P)
  • Purdue: Bernard Pollard (S)

Naturally, Iowa has the highest number of players on the roster/coaching staff. Their SID will pimp this for the next 4 years right before Gary Barta gives Kirk Ferentz another raise and the Hawkeyes lose 7 games. On to the links.