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Big Ten at Ten 2.5.13: Signing Day and Polls

The Big Ten at Ten looks at Big Ten teams in the College Basketball Polls and CFB Signing Day.


Good morning Big Ten fans. It's an exciting time as this is the week when creepiness gets taken to the max. It's that time of year when grown adults Tweet at, direct message and post on the Facebook walls of 18 year olds to encourage them to attend their respective universities. I'm not sure what's worse about that. The fact that the grown adults are creeping the shit out of me or that the kids aren't creeped out by it. It's weird all around. As a general rule: don't Tweet at high schoolers. Even if they're sexy.

I mean...

Yeah, don't do it. Here's a look at the week 14 college basketball polls and the Big Ten teams included:

(AP 1, Coaches 1): Indiana

The Hoosiers clinch the top spot after defeating #1 Michigan 81-73.

(AP 3, Coaches 3): Michigan

The Wolverines and Hoosiers switch spots following Indiana's victory.

(AP 10, Coaches 10): Ohio State

The Buckeyes are on a 4 game winning streak and take on the Wolverines in Ann Arbor tonight.

(AP 12, Coaches 8): Michigan State

Sparty's only loss in 2013 came against Indiana.

(AP 18, Coaches 18): Minnesota

Despite going on a 4 game losing streak the Gophers bounced back with 2 straight wins and travel to East Lansing tomorrow.

Wisconsin is also receiving votes.

Tomorrow is national signing day and we're talking about having an open thread/story stream at OTE. As it stands the Big Ten recruiting rankings per Rivals are as follows:

  1. Ohio State
  2. Michigan
  3. Nebraska
  4. Michigan State
  5. Illinois
  6. Penn State
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Northwestern
  9. Indiana
  10. Iowa
  11. Purdue
  12. Minnesota

Some of the latest news on recruiting:

  • Ohio State gets richer by adding 4-star athlete Dontre Wilson who was previously committed to Oregon.
  • Dimarya Mixon, a 3-star defensive end is the Huskers latest commit.
  • Dalyn Dawkins, a 3-star running back is the Boilermakers latest commit.
  • Vonn Bell, a 5-star safety who is undecided, has Ohio State in his final three.

We'll have more tomorrow. Here's some recruiting/signing day team specific links: