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The OTE ICYMI Roundup 2.6.2013

Let's see... football, basketball, Rick Reilly, NLOI Day, concussions, wrestling, stats, ADs... This was a weird week on OTE.


Hey, just because it's signing day and because I grew up in the Late 80s and Early 90s, I give you this amazing video:

I want you all to bask in the glory that is Ace of Base. Happy Signing Day everyone. In case you don't have enough outlets to bitch discuss kindly about the merits of your class compared to those of the SEC and Ole Miss, check out the OTE NLOI Open Thread. Also, I'll have new links that recaps that crazy basketball game last night, the signing today, and all that jazz, but this piece is all about us. We're fairly self-centered on occasion and want you all to get back up to speed on this week in OTE.

The OTE Community Pages

  • Hoegher has his last installment of the B1G Statistical Recap and gives us the Moldy Upper Crust. This is probably my favorite article of the week because somehow it more or less disregards the Nebraska bad for the Nebraska good! HOORAY!!!
  • br27 is doing work on the non-revs lately. First he has a poll and some good discussion about adding Johns Hopkins to the B1G for LAX and then he has the first wrestling update in the B1G, in which he points out that we're dominating the mats. Seriously people, I love these two posts because they show just how deep this conference is past the big sports.
  • SpartanHT has a piece about Mark Hollis, AD at MSU. It's a little bitter sounding, but I have hated my AD before, so I get it. I don't know much about the situation, but it's heartfelt. I will say this, it sounds like a great portion of Sparty fans are behind Hollis, but it still is worth mentioning I guess.

The OTE Staff Pieces

  • I wrote a piece on how Rick Reilly is probably the most arrogant person ever when he decided to tell Colin Kaepernick how to live his life. It's about my adoption, adoption in general, and again, how Rick Reilly is the worst. By the way, if I didn't get a chance to say thanks for the good feedback, consider it done now. It was fun to write something like that despite this not being B1G related necessarily.
  • apy5000, Brian, and Graham broke down the Indiana-Michigan tilt before Indiana won and grabbed first place in the conference. I know that anything can happen in March, but it feels like the B1G has 3 or 4 teams that can contend for a title this year. Just a crazy basketball season so far. Should be a fun few weeks towards March.
  • Graham posted some talking points about violence and football with insight from MSULAXER, Ted, and me. Expect this to get some more press this offseason. I've been doing some research and I think the discussion is worth having about what we can do or need to do to be more mindful of youth. I mean, sure, NFL players get compensated, but what we're finding out about youth football is scary.

Alright everyone, that is actually all she wrote for this week. Remember to vote for your best of the week on OTE. Last week, babaoreally won with his piece on Trophies and Basketball. It was a fun week and should be even more fun this coming week with some crazy basketball games, signing day, and whatever else we come up with. Enjoy your Monday! Oh, and let's get one more signing day video for the road because let's be honest, until that name is on the dotted line... (and because this is a killer video)