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Big Ten at Ten 2.7.13: Well, At Least Your Mom Didn't Steal Your LOI

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Yesterday was signing day. With #NSD plastering my twitter feed from about 6:00 AM to far into the evening, I could not escape the awesomeness of it all. Of course, by awesomeness, I mean obnoxiousness as the exultation about the SEC's amazing run of recruiting prowess was rang from up high until everyone knew that even Kentucky had the best class ever and will soon be in the running for National Champion. This is most likely not happening and does ignore the fact that the Big Ten did just fine considering. We will dive into this in more depth sooner or later I am sure.

But let's not worry about who won recruiting yet. Let's take a moment to bask in the glory of Biels' biggest win -- getting Five Star RB Alex Collins -- turning into perhaps the worst story of the day. As many of you know by now, Alex Collins was all set to have his big moment. He was going to get his name on the dotted line and go through with committing to Biels and Co and yell PIG SOOOOOOOIE and all of the great obnoxious things that goes into committing to Arkansas. All of a sudden, Collins' mom takes the LOI and bolts. As of this morning, it sounds like Collins will still sign with the Hogs, but that does not stop all of us from at least laughing a little bit. I mean, I feel for the kid and all, but... this is Biels and when Biels looks confused, we all win. Also, this got the LSUFreek treatment:


The moral of the story kids? Well, I'm not sure there really is one. For more updates on this story, check out SBNation's recruiting page. Then again, maybe a resolution makes this story less fun. On to the links!

B1G Team Links:

  • If you are an Illinois fan, go ahead and give yourself a round of applause because you're living a tough life lately and recruiting day wasn't all that bad considering. Also, go check out The Champaign Room's Freshman Orientation Hub to get to know the new guys.
  • Robert has one of the most extensive class breakdowns I've seen for anyone, much less the Illini, on A Lion Eye.
  • The Crimson Quarry gets excited about an improving Indiana Football team, especially in light of what is arguably their best recruiting class ever.
  • Those guys also have a preview up of the Indiana-Illinois matchup. While we can all generally agree that this is Indiana's game to lose, we also know anything can happen. [stares directly at Kansas]
  • At one point, BHGP had five Hansens up... It was mesmerizing. Also, they have a breakdown of the Iowa haul from yesterday in their, "Caring is Creepy," hub.
  • BHGP also gives us a look at one of the most depressing Iowa basketball losses -- mostly because it was just one of those games. Look at it this way, Iowa, you're still better than Nebrasketball.
  • The SBN Mothership has some recruiting news on Michigan and looks at the good, bad, and dramatic from the class. You can also check out MnB's view of things here.
  • What got lost in ICYMI Wednesday and Signing Day was Michigan's dramatic win over the Buckeyes. If you're a Wolverine fan, here is a nice recap of the game from MnB.
  • Last night, the first half of Sparty-Gophers was pretty awful. The second half more or less made up for it, but man that first half... ToC has a breakdown of the game and updates on Appling.
  • The SBN Mothership has some recruiting updates for the Spartans as well and thinks they did what they needed to do.
  • Honestly, Minnesota's class looks good for what they have been dealing with and got a late flip from Missouri (who seemed to lose every head to head battle it could). TDG has their take on recruiting here.
  • Gold and Gopher looks at the loss by the Gopher Basketball team and says that every game matters from here on out.
  • Corn Nation does and all-out look at this year's crop in their hub, "The Harvest."
  • Brandon Vogel has a very nice look at how Pelini goes about his business in recruiting, over at Hail Varsity.
  • SoP looks at what to expect from this new Northwestern class. It might not be the highest ranked, but it really does seem to bode well for the Wildcats.
  • Also, Northwestern inked a longterm deal with the Cubs to get games played at Wrigley in various sports. So apparently they are Chicago's Team. /ducks
  • Luke Zimmerman has an extensive look at Ohio State's football class and how this is a definitive moment for the Buckeyes. -via LGHL
  • Here is the SBN look at the Buckeyes' class. Seriously, this was one heck of a haul.
  • You know, you have gotta hand it to BOB. He has really done a job on the recruiting trail this year and the results more or less speak for themselves. Here is BSD's extensive coverage of recruiting.
  • Look, another SBN Mothership breakdown. Honestly, considering all that went down, this has gotta be considered a masterful job by BOB and his staff.
  • Darrell Hazell was behind in recruiting, but managed to salvage an interesting class for the Boilers. 24 Commitments later, and now he has a chance to really assess what the program needs. H&R has your coverage of the Boilermaker class.
  • Also, H&R had an article about beating Penn State in basketball the other night. I'm sure they'll take anything they can get right now. Also, people really need to stop talking about winless Penn State basketball because that only ends in them beating Nebraska which makes me sad.
  • B5Q has some pretty deep coverage on recruiting as well. However, I think my favorite part of it starts and finishes with this piece. Everything new is same as it's ever been. Still, Badger fans had to smile at Biels' first foray into the SEC, right?
  • Madtown Badgers hands out some grades from the ugly Wisconsin win over Iowa.