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Big Ten at Ten 3.11.13: Simmer Down, Tom

Tom Crean should probably just go ahead and relax.

Gregory Shamus

Yesterday's Indiana @ Michigan matchup was your average Big Ten basketball game: well played, exciting, down to the wire etc. etc. etc. In the end, it was Cody Zeller who came through and hit a layup with only 13 seconds remaining to take the 72-71 lead. He then charged down the court and defended (or fouled) Trey Burke in the final seconds, altering Burke's shot and preventing Michigan from snatching the victory away from the Hoosiers. Did you see that final possession? Michigan was literally (LITERALLY) one inch from winning the Big Ten Title.

The game was nothing short of fantastic. What happened after the game was not so fantastic. For some reason Tom Crean decided to chase down Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer and give him a piece of his mind. Meyer, the former head coach of Liberty from 1981-1997, was an assistant under former Indiana head coach Kelvin Sampson. If you recall, Sampson was a walking NCAA violation who didn't care much for the rules about contacting potential recruits and continued to do so even after being publicly reprimanded. The result of Sampson's continued disregard for things known as "rules" landed Indiana on probation and Kelvin with a show-cause order. Many, including myself, attribute Crean's early struggles in Bloomington to that probationary period.

With that background information in mind, that might be why Crean rushed out onto the court and told Meyer:

You know what you did. You helped wreck the program.

Here's the video:

Admittedly, I didn't read into the sanctions or violations at the time they occurred but I don't remember Meyer's name ever being mentioned specifically. However, we do know that many of Sampson's assistants "helped" him make the phone calls which landed Indiana on probation so maybe Crean just pieced things together. Regardless, it wasn't like Indiana had just lost and Crean wanted to go on a rampage. It seems to me like Crean was waiting for the opportunity to take a shot at Meyer so he figured why not do it after winning the Big Ten Title?

It's now being reported that Crean called Meyer and apologized.

Regardless, simmer down, Tom.

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