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The OTE Big Ten Tournament Pick Em

Because Seer asked for it...

Andy Lyons

First off, let me just say we are a site of the people... Also, we're probably all secretly degenerate gamblers who wish we could make picks all day long like Ace Rothstein. Alas, most of us have to work and so here we are.

But here we are and how fun is this? A Big Ten Basketball Tournament Pick Em? Sure, why not. This should whet your appetite until next week when the real fun starts. This one's for pride and I promise I'll tabulate sometime next week. When you build these things yourself, they're a lot less fun. The rules? You get points for picking the winning team: 1 for a first round game increasing to 4 for the championship game (note: this has been changed from the original post). There are two tiebreakers. First is total points scored in the championship game. Second is total points scored by the Champion team through the whole bracket. Have fun y'all! For the record, your first submission will be considered your submission. Choose wisely.