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Big Ten at Ten 3.15.13: The B1G Tournament Day 2 Open Thread

Jonathan Daniel

So yesterday was fun! I did not have time to go find a bunch of new fun and exciting articles because nobody is talking about anything but basketball anyways! However, feel free to read up on how awesome yesterday really was. Between Illinois' buzzer beater against Minnesota, Michigan and Iowa's evisceration of Penn State and Northwestern respectively, and Nebraska's upset win over Purdue despite trying their hardest to give it back to the Boilers, we had a really fun day of basketball. Now is where things get real. We got four more games today for everyone's enjoyment. Sit back, enjoy the ride and let's hope for more chaos!

11:00 Central: Illinois vs. Indiana ESPN

OTE Prediction Pie Charts

Well then. Remember the last time these two teams met? I'm pretty sure players on both sides do. For Illinois, I'm guessing that win cemented their tournament berth. For the Hoosiers? It's probably one of those wrongs they would really like to right immediately. It's hard to predict what the outcome of this game will be. Indiana loves to follow up big wins with some disappointing efforts. That is not to say this is the rule, but a letdown here wouldn't be totally out of character and let's be honest, when Illinois is hot, they can play with anyone. Conversely, when has Illinois been the team you expected? My money would still be on Indiana, but you just never know in a one-and-done scenario.

1:30 Central: Wisconsin vs. Michigan ESPN

OTE Prediction Pie Chart

This is another great matchup. Michigan will not soon forget the last time they played Wisconsin. A heave at the buzzer put the game into overtime and as they say, the rest is history. These two teams are fascinating in that Bo Ball really slows down the game and Michigan hates to slow down. If Wisconsin can keep this a half-court game, they probably move forward. Conversely, if Michigan can control the rhythm of this game and get Stauskas involved more prominently to ease that half-court set, I think the Wolverines move forward.

5:30 Central: Ohio State vs. Nebraska BTN

OTE Prediction Pie Chart

Most likely, this ends up being a less fun matchup. Ohio State swept Nebraska both in Columbus and Lincoln. The first game was ugly, but Nebraska has improved since that time. The problem for the Huskers? So has Ohio State. While Nebraska had the Buckeyes on the ropes in Lincoln, they're going to be running pretty thin. At his post-game presser yesterday, Coach Miles said his team is probably going to be running on heart today. For Husker fans, maybe that's enough. Not to be anti my team, but I am guessing this doesn't end well for Nebraska. Ohio State is as hot as anyone in the conference now and would love to improve their seeding.

8:00 Central: Michigan State vs. Iowa BTN

OTE Prediction Pie Chart


Iowa looked unstoppable at times last night and looked utterly terrible at times. Their defense is top-notch, but man that offense can stall out. Still, Iowa is in position to be on the right side of the bubble with a win here. That means a lot to this young Hawkeye team. For Michigan State, it's business as usual. They've been a little suspect down the stretch, but would any of you like to bet against Izzo in March tournaments? Exactly. I think of all four of these games, this one has potential to be the best of the day. My prediction? Well, I hate to do this to Hawkeye fans, but I'm predicting an Iowa upset. Now watch Michigan State win by 50.

Consider this the Day 2 Open Thread. Don't be stupid either. You all know by know we don't allow racism, sexism, homophobia, and illegal streams. Expletive ridden rants on officials? Yeah, that we're totally cool with. Have a good Friday everyone.