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Big Ten at Ten 3.25.13: Aaron Craft

Aaron Craft. Aaron Craft. Aaron Craft. Aaron Craft. Aaron Craft. Aaron Craft.

Aaron Craft. Aaron Craft. Aaron Craft. Aaron Craft. Aaron Craft.

Aaron Craft. That is all. Here are the remaining Big Ten team schedules:

  • Indiana: vs. Syracuse (4), March 28th, 8:45PM
  • Michigan: vs. Kansas (1), March 29th, 6:37PM
  • Michigan State: vs. Duke (3), March 29th, 8:45PM
  • Ohio State: vs. Arizona (6), March 28th, 6:47PM


  • Indiana by 5.5
  • Kansas by 2
  • Duke by 1.5
  • Ohio State by 4
  • Florida by 12.5 over Florida Golf Coast. Just throwing that one in here for fun.

Also, Aaron Craft:



I actually did have a lot more to say but then Graham Published a piece on the remaining Big Ten teams in the tournament so he stole my thunder. But hey, Iowa is still alive in the NIT and faces Virginia Wednesday night and Purdue is still alive in the CBI, facing something known as "Santa Clara" tonight at 6PM CT. You can watch the Hawkeyes on ESPN2 at 6PM CT and if you want to watch Purdue you better start driving. Here's the links:

Notebook for Illinois 58-63 loss to The U from IlliniHQ.

Indiana escapes the Temple of Doom, via Crimson Quarry. HA, see what they did there? Cause the Hoosiers escaped Temple? Eh? Eh?

The official press release from Iowa's road game at Virginia on Wednesday. The winner will travel to Madison Square Garden.

Maize n Brew's latest Monday recruiting roundup for the Wolverines.

Mark Dantonio says some positives things about his squad via an official school release. Translation: no dorm fights. YET.

The Golden Gophers fell to Florida, 78-64 in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Not sure what's worse about Minnesota. Tubby Smith, or fans complaining about Tubby Smith. Just fire the guy already. I hear Bill Carmody is available.

Lake the Posts has a great breakdown of what NU should look for in a coach and how the candidates meet those requirements.

The NCAA released a statement on the "controversial charge call" during the Ohio State v. Iowa State game. The statement reads: we aren't talking about it. Here's the solution: just look up the rule and tell us what it says. Does it say the foot has to be ON the line or OVER it? If it doesn't say, it's subject to interpretation and the correct call was made. Quit bitching about it, Iowa State fans.

Also, Aaron Craft.

Penn State OVERSIGNING?! Wait, it's basketball. Huh, interesting.

Obligatory Sandusky piece.

This isn't really Purdue news. I'm just linking to it because there's a picture of Tom Crean kissing someone.

Wisconsin lost to Ole Miss in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. I'm not going to link to anything related to that loss because I'm ashamed as a Big Ten fan.

Oh, and did I mention Aaron Craft. Yes, that's important.