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ICYMI 3.27.13: Basketball Basketball Basketball!!!

You'd think it was March Madness or something...


So we missed a week of ICYMI, so this is a mega-catchup piece. As one might imagine, we have crossed the BTT and opening weekend of the NCAA tournament (not to mention the NIT and CBI tournaments). Crazy enough, there are also about a million things going on in the world of B1G sports now too, so let's check in with what was written. Again, keep those posts coming and don't hesitate to talk about anything B1G related. Baseball season just started, and I am hoping you all are keeping tabs on your team. I'd love to get some baseball content up and running! Just some thoughts.

The Voice of the Crowd

NCAA Wrestling Updates: br27

-So here's the thing. It was a quiet two weeks from the community, but that makes total sense. Nonetheless, I was really impressed by the B1G at the NCAA Championships. Four of the top six teams were B1G and Penn State pulled off the 3peat. As br27 pointed out, the B1G had 6 individual championships and 29 All Americans (Top 8 Finishers). So good on the B1G for repping the non-revs in a huge way. Also big ups for br27 for carrying the torch for updates on wrestling this season. Next season we'll be more organized about the whole thing, I promise!

The Voice of the... Site? Sure, we'll go with site.

What My Mom and Her Friend Think of the B1G Basketball Coaches: babaoreally

-I'm not gonna lie. I would totally watch basketball with babaoreally's mom and her friends. Their insights into various big ten coaches was about as spot on as any I have read anywhere. I know Minnesota isn't hiring a search committee, but maybe they could be consultants? It's a thought.

Carmody Out; What's Next for NU?: MNWildcat

-I was impressed that Northwestern decided to take a step forward in basketball despite the reasons that they shouldn't. Still, without better facilities and some department commitment to getting better at basketball, will the next coach do any better? MNWildcat does the dirty work of looking at the big picture here and the future of Northwestern basketball at large.

2013 NCAA Tournament Thoughts: Graham

-It's fun to look at predictions after the first weekend. Graham was wrong on Michigan (reverse jinx in effect?), wrong on Wisconsin (as were most of us), and wrong on Illinois (easy to defend considering Illinois is impossible to predict). With 16 teams left, it is exciting that the B1G still owns 25% of the field. #ALLB1GFINALFOUR

The Other Tournaments: Iowa and Purdue in Action: apy5000

-Hey look, Iowa is still in the NIT and is arguably the best team in that tournament. Could we win both the NIT and NCAA tournament? #ALLB1GEVERYTHING

Calling Division: A Geographic Split?: MNWildcat

-This definitely gets a lot of people angsty because it points out the values of tradition being blasted to smithereens and it also annoys someone *coughALLSPARTYLANDcough* to no end due to lost traditions and difficult schedules. Nonetheless, if we're on this new world order of East Coast expansion, I think the timezone split is probably the only way to make this work effectively. From a strict logistics standpoint, having your teams play others in their own timezone helps from a competitive standpoint as well as travel standpoint. While I thought the inner/outer divisions were at least interesting from a competitive standpoint, this version makes more sense from a logistics standpoint. If you haven't offered up your thoughts on the subject, feel free, but I am guessing this will get jumbled up some more when Emperor Delaney takes over the ACC.

Each B1G Team's Chance of Winning the Title: apy5000

-Well, so far the teams with the worst chance of winning the title are out, but Michigan has kept going! I really don't know what to expect tomorrow night for the B1G, but I'm hoping that the rugged schedules prove to be a boost. Also, I am guessing that a B1G school loses on some asinine call by an official that we'll all be angry about. So there's that.

Pre-game: A quick Minnesota/UCLA backgrounder: zipsofakron

-Minnesota won this game, and after re-reading this piece, I think the UCLA blogger was right on the money with what it would take to defeat the Bruins. Good stuff here. Also, UCLA fired their coach after this game, so that's fun.

Big Ten Teams in the NCAA Tournament: Four Advance: Graham

-You know, all four Big Ten teams left definitely have a good chance against their Sweet 16 opponent. Kansas has yet to play a full game, Syracuse is prone to mistakes this season, Arizona is not the world-beater they used to be and are probably the easiest opponent on the docket, and while Duke is good, I think their lack of offense might kill them in the MSU game. While anything can happen, I see a really good chance the B1G makes it 4/8 in the next round. Of course now that I say that, we're getting zero. I apologize to your team in advance.

Context Free Quotes from Big Ten at Ten:

I suppose that's the motto of Tubby Smith's career: you thought they'd do better. - Mike Jones

I hear Todd Lickliter is looking for a better job... - Mike Jones

Oh, and did I mention Aaron Craft. Yes, that's important. - Mike Jones

Mike Bruesewitz as a 'hot guy' of March Madness is really a problematic thought process for pretty much all of us. - Jesse Collins

Thanks for sticking with OTE everyone! For those of you who are jonesing for football, it's coming. Here's to another great week.