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Sweet 16 Night Two: Watching the Michigans Play Open Thread


Good evening everybody. Perhaps I could interest some of you not hanging out at bars in an open thread?

Tonight Michigan and Michigan State face off to try and give the B1G 3 [/stares angrily at Indiana] of the 8 teams in the Elite, thus keeping a 75% of the Final Four dream alive. Neither team has a cakewalk, though. I previewed a lot of the action this morning, but as a refresher:

Michigan vs. Kansas 6:37 PM Central, TBS

The more I think about this game, the more excited I am for it because I really think it should be a points extravaganza. This is what happens when you are an elite team with no real transition defense playing transition based offenses that like to get out and run. Now that I have said this, both teams will shoot .200 and I will hate myself for watching and/or rooting for either team.

Michigan State vs. Duke 8:45 PM Central, CBS

Everyone thinks this game is a tossup. Heck, I honestly think it's a tossup. Nonetheless, I said it would be a Sparty win this morning and I will stick to that. MSU will shutdown Duke's offense. I'm pretty confident of that. If Creighton looked good for any stretch on defense against Duke, Sparty will be that much better. The key will be Appling being Appling. Regardless, let's hope for a good game. That's really all I care about. Anything better than Indiana's awful game last night. Seriously, I'm angry I don't get to use #ALLB1GEVERYTHING anymore. Maybe I'll break it out during football.

Remember the rules everybody:

No racism. No sexism. No homophobic comments. No pornography. No illegal streams. In general, don't do something stupid.

Have fun tonight!