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Big Ten at Ten 3.4.13: Twitter is Awesome

Social media rumors are just the best.

Chris Graythen

I was hanging out on Saturday night when odd Tweets began popping up about Les Miles and an "affair." There were jokes, OMG WTFs and LOLz regarding Miles stepping down after supposedly having an illicit relationship with a student. A Twitter search of "Les Miles" revealed that some kid from Western Kentucky pulled the rumor from an Alabama message board (big shocker) and thousands accepted it as truth. As Kegs n Eggs tells us, that’s dangerous. And as Bruce Feldman told us, it isn’t true:

College football coaches recognize the dangers of social media, explaining why several have banned their players from Twitter. Iowa, Florida State, Washington State and Ohio State (sometimes) are just a few programs who restrict their athletes’ use of social media to avoid incidents like this. Personally, I don’t want programs to ban Twitter because the world of college sports is far more interesting when "student athletes" are allowed to epically fail in front of a million computer users.

While we’re on the topic, why don’t we create some absurd Twitter rumors of our own? Here’s my B1G list:

  1. Tim Beckman was spotted in Coral Gables on the University of Miami campus but wasn’t there to recruit players scared off by possible sanctions. Instead, he claims he just "got lost on his way to Palm Springs."
  2. Kevin Wilson is turning Indiana’s football program around.
  3. Kirk Ferentz illegally owns a three-toed-sloth, which draws up his offensive gameplan.
  4. Brady Hoke is paid in pork rinds.
  5. Mark Dantonio performs at a local East Lansing comedy club every Friday under the name of Dark Mantonio.
  6. Jerry Kill is a serial killer, explaining why he can never stay in one place for more than 4 years.
  7. Bo Pelini does yoga.
  8. Pat Fitzgerald actually really likes Iowa.
  9. Urban Meyer is completely dedicated to his job and wouldn’t leave it for anything else in the world.
  10. Bill O’Brien, Pat Chambers and Cael Sanderson are actually all the same person. Have you ever seen them in the same place at one time? Think about it.

  11. Barry Alvarez actually knows the name of his head coach.

Do you have any ideas for awesome Twitter rumors? Yes, Fuck Michigan is an acceptable answer…

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