B10 Wrestling Championship This Weekend (updated)

The best conference tournament in any sport is going on this weekend. The B10 dominates wrestling and will be sending a huge number of wrestlers to the NCAAs. This weekend they duke it out for individual and team honors in the B10. You can check out the current bracket HERE. PSU, IA and MN are the favorites for the team title, and BHGP thinks the seeds worked out well for IA.


Session 1

No upsets at 125,133,165, 285

141: #5 Nelsen (PU) over #4 Pearsall (PSU)

149: #8 Paddock (OSU) over #1 Grajales (MI)

#7 Osterman (MS) over #2 Lopouchnski (PU)

157: #6 Demas (OSU) over #3 Alton (PSU)

174: #8 Yates (MI) over #1 Storley (MN)

#6 Blanton (IL) over #3 Kokesh (NE)

#5 Brown (PSU) over #4 Heflin (OSU)

184: #5 Lofthouse (IA) over #4 Rizqallah (MSU)

197: #6 Burak (IA) over #3 Gonzalez (ILL)

In general, things are going well for IA and OSU. PSU and MN are doing OK, but some upsets hurt them.

Session 2

It's down to the finals and the consolation semifinals now. Five weights have come down to #1 vs #2.

Finalists - 7 #1's, 7 #2's, 3 #3's, 2 #4's and 1 #5.

Biggest surprises:

149 - #1 is wrestling for 7th place

174 - #1 is wrestling for 7th place

184 - #4 is eliminated

Current Team Scores

Look HERE for constant updates.

1. Penn State 123
2. Minnesota 112.5
3. Iowa 109
4. Ohio State 92
5. Illinois 73.5
6. Michigan 61
7. Nebraska 52
8. Northwestern 50
9. Purdue 28
10. Indiana26.5
11. Wisconsin 26
12. Michigan State 17

While technically OSU is still alive, it's really a three team race for the team title.

Session 3

Next comes the consolation semifinals and 3rd, 5th and 7th place matches. You can check out the updated bracket HERE.


Starts Sunday at 2:30 ET.

I'll update as I have them time and inclination. Otherwise check HERE.

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