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Big Ten at Ten 4.18.13: A Cornucopia of Stories

Spring: Where practice is as good as anything.
Spring: Where practice is as good as anything.

First off, thoughts and prayers, good karma and good vibes, or whatever it is you do to respect the people affected in Waco this morning. The video is frightful and they have a long road ahead. All I can say about these tragedies is that even though they aren't in my backyard, they could be. If you have the means to do your part, donate to organizations on the ground helping. I'm a fan of the American Red Cross but do what you got to do. Whether that's blood, money, time, or whatever, just do your part.

Anyhow, let's take our minds off of some of the chaos and sprint through the Big Ten quickly:

Sounds like Illinois landed a new basketball recruit in Illinois State's Jon Ekey. He is a fifth year transfer which means he can get a Grad degree and play immediately. Robert from A Lion Eye thinks this is an excellent addition that really doesn't affect recruiting too much. I will be honest, I know very little about the guy, but he provides depth to a team that has kind of had a rough go at transfers this offseason. Good on them

Interesting takes on Indiana football this season. I was in the shower this morning thinking (because that's an excellent place to think) and realized just how crazy it is that Indiana might be good this year. I mean, not good in the sense of world-beaters, but definitely bowl eligible. The WWL thinks this is a Bowl or Bust season for Wilson and Co. I'm not prepared to go that far, but this could be a similar situation to Minnesota last year.

It's the offseason for BHGP... And so I present you with Polyblend's latest offering, the Hawkeye Basketball Uni.

With a shoutout to lonewolf371, MGOBlog has an interesting piece on recruiting - albeit with a Michigan Edge - and regions. That reminded me of Paul Dalen, aka HuskerMath, and his work on the same topic.

Richard Pitino seems to have his first recruit for the Gophers. Daquein McNeil looks to be another of those athletic guards that can get to the lane off his own dribble, but that needs some polish. So good for the Gophers. It will be interesting to see how that class comes together.

The Only Colors has some thoughts on the Spring Game Draft for the Spartans. While this isn't always true, it does make sense that you pick the guys you think are the best. Getting picked earlier than later is a sign that your peers think you don't suck. The reverse is probably also in play.

Husker Mike and Salt Creek and Stadium both had some good editorials on Corn Nation yesterday. The former focused on the twisted perception of Bo Pelini, and the latter focused on what a person with newer knowledge of Nebraska think about the state of the football team. I enjoyed both pieces.

Northwestern had a hot dog eating contest at their spring game. Awesome.

11W recaps the Spring Game with some thoughts about his predictions and the real outcomes. Ted has his own thoughts about the Fighting Urbs and the first class he recruited as they showed off a bit during that game.

Cari Greene is killing it at BSD and has a really good preview of the PSU offense going into their Spring Game.

Purdue handed out its spring awards, which I guess is a thing? I'm cool with the tradition, though. Gives some kids confident going into Summer Workouts, and others reason to work harder I suppose. Another spring closes which means we're going on a slooooow stretch here people.

Finally, Gary Andersen wants Wisconsin players to sing the school fight song win or lose. So look for that in the Fall.