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Big Ten at Ten 4.19.13: So Anyway...

As there's nothing going on in the news today...B1G B1G B1G!

Jonathan Daniel

Oh hey guys. What's going on today? Nothing much? Well then, here's some Big Ten news to entertain you! The big news in the world of sports is the release of the NFL schedules and the upcoming NFL Draft. The first round of the Draft, airing on the NFL Network, Thursday, April 25 at 7PM CT, could be the least interesting Draft ever. Most mock drafts have Luke Joeckel, OT, from Texas A&M going first overall. There's no superstars or big names and guys like Geno Smith and Matt Barkley who we once considered superstars might not even get drafted on Thursday.

What's worse, there's a strong possibility that a Big Ten player won't get drafted in the first round. How rare is this? Former Big East blogger Brian Bennett says:

The Big Ten has produced at least one first-round draft pick in every year since the NFL-AFL merger. The league had four first-round picks last year, though the first one didn't arrive until No. 23 (Iowa's Riley Reiff).

Names mentioned as possible first rounders include Ohio State's Johnathan Hankins, Purdue's Kawaan Short or Wisconsin's Travis Frederick. Yet, if you happen to read mock drafts as much as I do you'll notice that the only one being given serious consideration is Johnathan Hankins...and he's only being given serious consideration by one guy on (not a real website).

A great deal of the other picks in the mock drafts are from SEC schools. Stupid SEC. Welp, as this day is full of news here you go:

Part II of A Lion Eye's Spring Mailbag.

Peegs has video highlights of Indiana's spring game.

Adam Jacobi compares last year Iowa to 2009 Wisconsin. Kind of a "well this coulda worked" thing.

Michigan is kicking butt in recruiting. More September Heismans please.

Mark Dantonio on the state of the Michigan State program. NO SMILING.

Richard Pitino already has his first recruit at Minnesota.

Northwestern didn't get Jaren Sina (he saw their basketball court) but they did get a running back recruit for the 2014 class.

Tom Herman is no longer afraid to call a pass at Ohio State. Was he ever? He definitely wasn't afraid to call a pass at Iowa State. /Arnaud throws another interception.

Former Big East blogger Brian Bennett previews Penn State's spring game this Saturday.

Hammer and Rails breaks down Purdue's true freshman.

Bucky's 5th Quarter breaks down Wisconsin's special teams.

Be safe today. There's crazy people out there.