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Big Ten at Ten 4.2.13: Spring Ball & The "Final Four"

By "Final Four" we mean Iowa playing in the NIT and by spring ball we're talking something known as football.

Fuck it. GOIN DEEP.
Fuck it. GOIN DEEP.
Ronald Martinez

Remember when Taylor Martinez said that he wanted to complete 70% or more of his passes and was confident he could do it? That was at Nebraska's fall press conference last year. And to his credit, he did improve his completion percentage to a career high 62% by throwing the ball nearly 400 times. He also threw a career high number of interceptions (12) and took a career high number of sacks (34). But that's to be expected when: 1) You're throwing more; and 2) Your throwing motion is like a catapult winding up. Well...T-Mart is "confident" again this spring.

He's setting his sights high, according to an article by Brian Bennett of ESPN's Big Ten Blog. He wants to throw for 70% or better, has been working on his mechanics and decision-making and has mastered what James Vandenberg never could: the audible. As he told Bennett:

"I can change a play any time depending on what I see, you might see a little more audibling from me this year."

/throws interception

/gets yelled at by Pelini

/confidence blown

Gerry Dinardo talks about the Nebraska Red-White game which will take place this Saturday at 2PM ET on BTN.

A few more spring practice links:

Meanwhile, in Gotham City, the Iowa Hawkeyes prepare to take on the Maryland Terrapins in Madison Square Garden for the NIT "Final Four". Maryland had an up and down season, beating Duke twice but also losing to Georgia Tech and Boston College. They finished the season with a losing record in the ACC and were sent to the NIT along with Florida State and Virginia. The game is on ESPN2 tonight at 8PM CT. Here's some game specific links:

Finally, never quit, Bret Bielema. Never quit.