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B1G 2013: Reintroducing OTE's Writers

From every profession and from every background, with one common interest: The B1G

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

It's been awhile since we did any potlucks or group pieces, so I think with Big 2013 revving up, a reintroduction is important. We've had some former writers take their talents to South Beach, but we've also had some new valuable additions, so...welcome all! Here is the entire list of editors-

OTE is also in need of a writer for Indiana, Illinois, and Minnesota, so please let me know if you or someone else might be interested.

Brian Gillis

Brian is a Michigan native and a graduate of the University of Michigan who lives in California, currently splitting his time between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Despite getting a graduate degree from USC and living in Pac-12 country for the better part of the last two decades, he is still for better or worse, hopelessly devoted to his beloved Wolverines.


babaoreally was lucky enough to attend Purdue during the Tiller renaissance. He currently sits at a desk for long stretches of time and dreams of living in a world without zinc. He has lived in various parts of Indiana, and currently resides in the northeastern part of it.

Jesse Collins

Born in Seoul, South Korea, raised in Kennard, Nebraska, and living in the good life: Omaha, Nebraska. Graduated from Creighton University (after a few other 'stops'), but a lifelong Husker fan and will fight anyone who questions that (not literally fight, but maybe figuratively fight). I recruit for a living, but like most of you all, I would rather needlessly obsess over 18-22 year old kids playing sports in college.

Hilary Lee

Hilary Lee was raised a diehard Wisconsin Badgers fan, and is still hugely proud of that one time she got to dance with Bucky the Badger at a family wedding. Currently living in Chicago, she also follows the Northwestern Wildcats after graduating from Northwestern Law. She works for a startup and enjoys splitting her free time between sports writing and wood / metalworking.

Ted Glover

Ted Glover is our resident Ohio State writer and also writes for two other sites on SB Nation. He's from Minnesota and has a soft spot for the Gophers, but his allegiance is to Ohio State, where he went to school before discovering beer was way...WAY more fun than studying. He joined the military, and 22 years later he landed in suburban St. Louis, still follows the Buckeyes with a passion and still hates Michigan with as much passion to this day.

Mike Jones

I first started getting into the Blogosphere when I was an undergrad at the University of Iowa. My favorites were EDSBS (before they even joined SBNation, I believe), BHGP and Fight for Iowa. When I graduated and moved onto law school I started getting into blogging myself because law school basically demands that you sit in front of a computer or read a book. In my free time I started writing as a form of therapy and a distraction from something known as "property law." I then started my own awful blog named A Voice From Kinnick and eventually was part of a "superblog" known as the High Porch Picnic with Fight for Iowa, Plannedsickdays (both are now with BHGP) and TitoHawk (now retired due to something known as real life). When I passed the bar exam and finally got a real job with the State of Iowa I realized that I just didn't have the time for a smaller blog so I joined up the with Mothership of SBNation and Off Tackle Empire where I handle Big Ten at Ten and the Iowa Hawkeyes when they aren't letting me down (which is perpetually). I am looking to become a season ticket holder for Iowa football, enjoy the horizontal offense and still hate Ken O'Keefe. In short: I'm every Iowa fan ever. FREE DJK.

Jonathan Franz

I studied law at Ohio State and work as Associate General Counsel for a production company in Burbank, California. I live in Hollywood with my wife, Mary, and two dogs Rigsby and Barrington (although we're currently looking to buy a historic home in Pasadena, within walking distance of the Rose Bowl). I smoke cigars and write fiction in my spare time.

C.E. Bell

C.E. Bell is a graduate of Northwestern University, and attended/graduated from future B1G member University of Virginia for law school. From 2008-2011, he served as the stadium DJ and soundboard operator for Northwestern football at Ryan Field. He's currently a litigation attorney in Chicago, a place full of nice things and thus far away from the University of Illinois. He created the OTE Potluck, exposed Dennis Dodd as an (alleged) meth dealer, and once found dozens of items in the Skymall Catalog that were more useful than Illinois football. On Saturdays in the fall, he can most often be found manning elaborately themed tailgates beside his red Ford Explorer at the golf-course parking lot in Evanston near Ryan Field.


I'm Cory, though I go by MNWildcat for the time being. This represents, stunningly, that I am from (and currently reside in the SE Metro of) Minnesota but attended Northwestern from 2009-2012. Northwestern makes up the bulk of my rooting interests: I grew up loving Bill Carmody's 1-3-1 zone while a middle school basketball player and always appreciated the Minnesota-Northwestern offense-fests in football, though I am a Gophers hockey fan by birth and will learn to be a casual supporter of Marquette basketball this winter once I start graduate school. I marched in the Northwestern University Marching Band all three years of undergrad, playing clarinet before switching to sousaphone (no really) and now am a season ticket-holder at Ryan Field. Not that anyone will ever likely care, but I will be doing MA work in the hope of progressing onto PhD study in American political history, particularly in Midwestern radicalism like the Non-Partisan League, Farmer-Labor Party, and Progressive Party of Wisconsin.

Aaron Yorke

Aaron is a Penn State alumnus from New Jersey who can't seem to stop awkwardly running into former classmates at Tonic East. Although he isn't making the best use out of his degree, Aaron will always have that 2005 football game versus Ohio State... unless the NCAA decides to vacate his memories as well. When Aaron is not busy being a PSU fan, he enjoys playing video games and attending professional baseball games.


A 2000 graduate of Michigan State, MSULaxer27 shares a birthday with General Grant and lives in Alabama. He grew up on Long Island and spent seven years in the Army before attending the school to the west of the school up north (because everything in the B1G revolves around UM and OSU, amiright!?) where he played lacrosse for the Spartans. When not poking Purdue fans with a stick he enjoys long distance running and mountain biking. MSUlaxer is conversant in enough German to get smacked and enough Arabic to get arrested.

Graham Filler

Born in Ovid, Michigan, I attended Miami OH undergrad, studying law, politics, and history with my senior paper comparing and contrasting the war crimes trials of Nuremberg, Milosevic, and Saddam Hussein. Big Ben was my college quarterback. I finished UDM law in 2009 and now practice in Lansing.



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