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Your Off Tackle Empire Iowa Shirts

You like OTE YES? You like General William Sherman YES? You like Iowa YES? You like the black and gold YES? Then you get Off Tackle Empire's Iowa shirt!

You know what's awesome? An angry William Sherman staring off into the distance wondering what state he's going to roll through next. That's why Sherman is the logo of Off Tackle Empire. We at the B1G enjoy rolling people. You know what else is awesome? The black and gold of the Iowa Hawkeyes. That formula looks something like this:

William Sherman + Iowa Hawkeyes = THIS:


That's right, SBNation and Off Tackle Empire are now selling team specific Sherman Shirts. For the Hawkeyes there's black, there's gold and there's plain ole' white. My personal favorite is the gold:


They're high quality 100% pre-shrunk cotton and run from size S to 3XL. Right now there's just Iowa but we'll be unveiling team specific shirts every week to coincide with our 2013 B1G Previews. Visit our store here to get your Iowa shirt and come back weekly to see which team will be added next!