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Your Off Tackle Empire Purdue Shirts

Engineered to look fantastic

Off Tackle Empire's t-shirt making friends, Gameday Depot, have been really knocking it out of the ballpark this year with new designs. You may remember...

General Sherman in Minnesota colors

Sherman in Iowa Black and Gold

Now we have official OTE Purdue shirts for the Boilers among us.


Check them out here, enjoy the Old Gold and Black designs. My favorite is the Black, no question, with Sherman looking pretty foreboding.

I have spent little time in West Lafayette, but I do remember an almost magical night a few years ago, it was a home game versus Notre Dame, I believe the stadium was blacked out, and it just looked very intimidating...what a home field advantage that could be. I do believe an Off Tackle Empire shirt or two tucked into one of those blackouts would be a nice touch. So pick one up for yourself or a relative, or pick one up and consider your Christmas shopping for Dad done for the year.