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B1G 2013 // Boilermaker Board Games

All around the world, people are going crazy for board games. The Purdue Athletic Department is trying to cash in on the board game craze, so they decided to make some Purdue branded board games. Here they are!

Ticket to Ride: Purdue


From the makers of Ticket to Ride: Loogootee and Ticket to Ride: The Beatles Song comes Ticket to Ride: Purdue. Now you can build a rail network around the beautiful West Lafayette campus! Guide your Boilermaker Special to campus spots such as LAEB and the Math Building! Collect farming cards to build routes south of State Street!

Purdue Rico


It's the role-selection and resource collection game with a Purdue theme that you've been waiting for! Use your circular student tokens as resources to build nice, new buildings! Take on the role of Governor, where you not only get to go first, but you get to be President of the University.



It's a classic game updated for a new generation of Boilermaker fans! In a twist on the original gameplay, landing on an opponent's space doesn't send them back to the starting position, it puts your piece on the disabled list. And you can even tear your ACL without making contact with another player by drawing the infamous "Percy the ACLephant" card.



In a minor variation cash grab of the original Parker Brothers classic, players try to determine who killed New Purdue Pete. Players choose a pawn representing a Purdue legend who has a color for a name! Will you choose Chuckie White, Stephanie White, Marcus Green, Marcus White, Brian Cardinal, Herbert Brown or Mel Gray?

Settlers of Purdue


Relive the founding days of the University with Settlers of Purdue! Build a classroom in a specific area of Tippecanoe County! Roll the dice to see what resources you can gain! Trade with fellow players to gain an advantage! Whatever you do, don't roll a seven, or Buttercup the Fistulated Cow will rob you of your resources!

Notre Dame Loses!


An update of the classic Notre Dame, Notre Dame Loses! adds an ending that everyone can agree on. No matter how the game is played, everyone who plays is a winner! Why? Because at the end of every game, Notre Dame Loses!


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